I invite you to get to know my (not so simple) story.

Today I can say that I am making my dreams come true. I travel the world with my beloved, I gain knowledge and support others in their development.

Before that happened, I had to go through a long path of disenchantment and disappointment, high flights and deep falls, I walked many paths and met many teachers, to finally find what I can call my own way.

Dreams and spiritual search.


My spiritual exploration began in high school, when I found a group of people meditating by the holy fire of Agnihotra. I got up before dawn to go and see the sunrise (at five in the morning) to a small apartment, somewhere on the outskirts of the city, to burn a fire in a copper pyramid with a strange and fascinating group of people, to meditate and talk about a completely different God who is in us, about consciousness and higher self…

Searching for answers to the question of how to live, who I am and what is all this for, I got to know many development paths, rituals and shamanic ceremonies from different parts of the world, I discovered the magic of breathing, meditation, NLP, POP, i.e. Process Oriented Psychology and I co-created a socially engaged theatre to grow through art…

During my first personal development workshop many years ago, I realized that I want to support others. Before that happened, I had to go through a long path of high flights and deep falls, enchantment and disappointment, I walked many paths and met many teachers, to finally find what I can call my own way.

I completed the annual Shamanic Path training in The Paths of Transformation following the traditions of the Twisted Hairs tribes. This is a tradition of the indigenous peoples of mixed blood (mestizos), and the name defines those who draw knowledge from many sources and weave it together, synthesizing and forming “braids of truth”. The Twisted Hairs Metis Council of Elders is a group of shamans, healers, women, sorcerers, and mages from many tribes in North, Central, and South America.

In my work, I use this treasury of knowledge of our ancestors. Our modern science more and more often confirms the effectiveness of their methods. I found a way to share my passion for shamanic rituals during the Ecstatic Cacao Ceremony that I conduct all over Poland. During the ceremony, I share delicious cocoa with others to the sounds of trance-like, ecstatic music that takes participants on a magical shamanic journey.


I grew up in Silesia in an average intellectual family in the 1970s. Dreams have always driven me in my life. For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of traveling. However, in the times of socialist Poland it was not easy – so I chose economics and the prestigious department of foreign trade, hoping to find a job that would give me the opportunity to travel. Even though I knew it was a mistake in my first year of college, I met a group of people who HAVE TRAVELED. We had no money, but dealing with small trade and bringing various things from Poland and back was enough for us to make our dreams come true.


After travelling around Europe for a while, there was an opportunity for a great trip to Canada and the USA! I couldn’t miss it… In secret from my parents, I got a visa and flew overseas to conquer the world with three hundred dollars in my pocket. It was not easy there – but the strength of spirit and immigrant’s faith in a better world can move mountains.

I became a working woman, not shying away from any work… I was a baby sitter, house keeper, factory seamstress, waitress, bartender, florist, hostess at Cirque du Soleil, promoter of healthy life, and even medical help at the clinic… Then I was able to enrol at an university and travel further… to Canada, USA, Mexico.

During my studies at the University of Toronto, I started practising Yoga, I went to my first workshops that showed me a different inner world.

Return to Poland

I returned to Poland at the end of the nineties – this was where the opportunities for a person with self-confidence opened up! I came with a fanfare to work for a large corporation that brought me here from Canada. It was difficult, I did not understand Polish corporate relationships and arrangements. After a few months, I lost my job, I broke up with my boyfriend and had to start all over again.

Hoping for some change, I went to the workshop “Fall in love with life” by Ewa Foley.

Fascinated by the magic of breathing, I started to use the tools that I learned at the workshop. I created my work exactly as its image came to me during my shamanic journey. And as I am creative and hardworking, having great “magic” tools in my inventory, I quickly started to reach the top of my career, I was a manager in a large international corporation, I travelled for business all over Europe, I earned well…

Life at 1000 revolutions per minute

The power of the breath, visualization and shamanic journeys helped me meet the man who soon became my husband.

Everything seemed so beautiful… we were discovering exotic places in the world and we experienced inner journeys.

But… there was still something missing… I still felt unsatisfied, something was constantly pushing me forward… I lived in a constant rush and under enormous stress. I wanted to have everything: a career and a family, and to be the best at everything… I’ve always been a go-getter. I had endless energy and determination to achieve my goals and sincerely wholeheartedly believed in my passion, purpose and building a career from scratch.

I had the feeling that I was constantly late for the train that had just left… if a day had 30 hours, maybe I would have made it…

At some point, the world began to show me that this cannot be done. First, my health deteriorated. I took this signal seriously, I quit my job in the corporation, finally giving my body a space to breathe. I started a several-year journey with cleansing the body: detox, herbs, natural oils, shamanic healing and ceremonies.

I started a career in self-development, training and coaching. I founded a corporate wellness website that promoted a healthy lifestyle in corporations. It gave me a lot of satisfaction, but unfortunately I was again uncertain and under a lot of stress… And I started to rush again, because I felt like missing another train…

Dark Night of the Soul

Yet again I experienced a shock in my life – my mother’s death and divorce being the cause.

Exactly at the same time.

I realized that in this haste I lost not only my health, but also the most important relationship in my life… Of course, there were various reasons for this, not only on my part, but I take responsibility for my half.

I fell into a deep depression, I did not want to leave the house, everything I once liked seemed laughable and pointless. Everything seemed grey and hopeless. The long Dark Night of the Soul has begun…

Women who were close to me, my sisters, and friends from the circle helped me. They carried me in the most difficult moments.

Thank you, dear wonderful women 🙂


Picking up the pieces of my shattered soul, I began to explore myself deeper. I have rediscovered an old passion from my youth – the theatre. Together with a group of enthusiasts, we ran educational projects in the Practical Theatre Foundation that I established. I co-created performances, I was an educator, actress, director and president of a new foundation. I have worked with troubled youth, with students, in corporations, and also literally on the street. Our play, The Family, touched on difficult domestic topics, entertaining and educating people from difficult backgrounds in a touching way. Since the license has been sold, our performance “The Company” is still an educational tool in many companies.


gave me the answers I was looking for. Here I discovered the missing pieces of my puzzle called life.

I found out… there is no answer.
The answers are in me.
Every dawn and dusk,
every inhale and exhale,
femininity – masculinity,
energy and consciousness,
body and spirit,
life and death…
Everything flows between opposite poles.
And everything is sacred…

Slowly Tantra became more and more important for me. Diving into it deeper and deeper, I discovered the richness not only in the field of closeness and sexuality. I also went through deep spiritual experiences, learned to love and respect my body and everything on earth, learned how to deal with problems, emotions, and everyday drama.

Tantra includes every path I encountered so far. I discovered my own way to freedom. It’s not easy – because, contrary to beliefs, it is not only swimming in the ocean of pleasure… to discover ecstatic states, you must first dive deep into your darkness…

At some point, I felt ready to start sharing my tantric knowledge. My teachers also decided that I was ready and I started to conduct workshops with them, also creating my own.

I have found both teachers and students.

I love my work and the life I dreamed of, I weaved them out of experiences, discoveries, pain, ecstasy and love. I am grateful to myself and my life that I have the privilege to share this with you. Thank you for being here. It is my deep desire that you grow and live your full potential with passion!

Let’s discover them together 😉

I believe that having great sex is one of the best human experiences… it opens the mind and spirit through carnal pleasure.

My Mission is to support you in discovering the wisdom of the body and the power of mindfulness, which will allow you to live with passion, create relationships full of fire and love, and realize your full potential.

Each week, I support women, men and couples in finding themselves, exploring their sexuality and unleashing their true potential. It is thanks to tantra, body work, meditation and mental techniques that we develop our body, mind and spirit.

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