The dark eros path leads us to discover a transformation from being “bad” to being “naughty”, from being a worthless outcast to being someone who transcendence limitations. The term – dark eros – is an invitation to discover all our sexual expressions, which consciously cross (transgress) certain boundaries to examine the peculiar taste of the forbidden fruit. A person with such an attitude dares to be different. A punishment becomes an affirmation of power and courage in the first chakra. The moral system is disproved using the deliberate erotic punishment on the butt as an act of giving love. The initial repression of life’s manifestations (through moral judgement of being bad/naughty) is seen as the true perversion, and the erotic energy purifies the body through catharsis and leaves it in a state of relaxation, innocence, inner peace and sense of returning home.

Many of us are raised to suppress our feelings. We think we’ve done something wrong, not always even knowing what., Either we were not good enough and the response of the parent or authority figure was disappointment and disapproval, withdrawing the active form of expressing love. The child, rarely guilty in this situation, feels the fear of abandonment, emptiness, loneliness, pain in the abdomen and in the first chakra. The nourishing life force of love has been cut off.

The child is looking for love, acceptance, reconnection with life. It craves this energy. But what quality of energy can it get when it’s been bad? Anger and punishment are the only credible forms of contact for a child, which is still better than the emptiness of being cut off. So, the trembling child wants the very thing it’s afraid of: forms of contact in which the punishment is contained. It wants to experience anger exactly where it feels this painful void, in the first chakra. This is not in itself a desire to experience pain, more a desire for the intensity of contact. That it would be intense enough to reach this “bad” self. Part of that desire is to make this elusive and confusing punishment on a psychological level palpable, understandable, and physical.

If now, in adult life, this contact will be made in a tender and caring, but also strict way, then at the level of the first chakra, that is the butt, the previous experience of punishment, which until now was considered life-threatening, is transformed. And the message is as follows: “You are here. You are worth being angry with you” and the gift of energy is received with an injection of sexual arousal. Unclear feelings of guilt and shame are eliminated. And places in which they were located, i.e., the pelvis and the heart, are cleansed and grateful for a fresh start.

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