Recommended practitioners

During 8 years of running a Professional Tantric Massage Course in Poland, I trained several hundred people. Many of them have entered the professional path and are realizing their potential by working with the body and energy, using the transferred practice and teachings in their everyday lives.

Course graduates become members of the community and develop their professional skills.

This group includes unique people who, after completing the course at my TantraSoma Academy, have undertaken to obtain the Certificate of Professional Tantric Massage Practitioner and are under my constant supervision.

If you are looking for an experienced and recommended tantric practitioner, want to try these practices before joining the workshops or accept a therapeutic tantric massage session as part of your development – check the list of my recommended TantraSoma Academy © by Freya Graduates!


BLESSI - Patrycja

I am your guide on the path to self-discovery where work with the body is based on acceptance, respect, understanding and conscious breathing. My knowledge comes from various sources with international teachers, including: Freya Wolna, John Hawken, Anand Rudra, Dr. Dispenza, Dr. Demartini, Kamila Rowińska, Maya Ori.

Its support is directed to individuals and couples who want deeper understanding and fulfillment on a higher than physical level.

What I offer:

  • Therapeutic sessions of body and energy work for Women and Men;
  • Tantric mapping and disarming of intimate body parts;
  • Tantra Kriya Yoga – practices of awakening energy in the body;
  • Womb massage therapy “Back to the womb” – New Birth;
  • A relaxing massage that stimulates energy in the body;
  • Tantric workshops for singles and couples.

I am open to you – Warsaw / Wrocław