Tantric massage is a practice derived from Buddhism and Hinduism, which aims to stimulate sexual energy. But what exactly is it and what makes a tantric massage?

“Tantra is one of the most important secrets ever discovered. It is extremely fleeting because it is the SUPREME form of art. Painting is easy, creating poetry is easy, but creating unity with the energy of the other person in a dancing communion is the greatest and most difficult art that can be learned.”


Tantric massage is the highest form of the art of touch

The body is a vehicle for the soul, a tool for accessing your inner world. The part of you that is not the mind, is not subject to will or ego, is not physical. Through touch, rhythm, silence, presence, you experience an indescribable space, beyond time, beyond the limitations of words.

Tantric massage is a form of celebration – the beauty of two bodies – two parts of the whole, combined in a dance of respect and sanctification. You experience the incredible softness of femininity, revealing itself just as it is about to manifest through warmth, tenderness, passion and fluidity – flowing over your skin in the full masculine power of awareness and presence.

Tantric massage awakens you to the essence of who you really are – expanding your understanding of life and experiencing the vital energy, realizing the potential that exists in internal and external relationships. You are a man or a woman, but also you are both at the same time. Through conscious touch, you can reach your full potential, opening up to everything you are, or can become. It’s an experience hard to describe and just as hard to comprehend by the rational mind. This has to be experienced.

Connection and revitalization of the whole body

The use of sexual energy in life processes is the central concept of Tantra – we believe that sex is like a turbine that lights up to reignite not only the body, but also your creativity and spiritual power. It is an energy that we can positively bring to our lives as we learn to relax while being aroused, discovering the ecstatic possibilities of the body.

During a tantric massage, we combine the energy of the heart with sexual energy, bringing warmth and emotion into sexuality. Very often these two centres are separated from each other by blockages and tensions in the pelvis, diaphragm or neck area, which prevent the free flow of energy. Tantric massages may include deep fascial, pelvic, diaphragm, neck and nape massages, which are designed to relieve both physical and emotional tension, so that sexual energy can flow through the central energy channel. Later, the energy can spread to organs and tissues, to revitalize and rejuvenate the whole body.

Deliberate aimlessness, ecstasy by the way

Tantric touch is conscious and present. The tantric therapist consciously directs her energy, inviting your energy to awaken, expand and disarm old unnecessary tensions and blockages. Sometimes the touch is calm, slow and sensual, you can feel it as soft and sweet, sensual or exciting. Sometimes it is energetic and passionate, awakening the fire of your inner dragon. On this journey together, the tantric therapist transmits the experience, offering herself as a vessel for the spirit, so that you can feel the transmission of pure energy.

Tantric therapists massage in a meditative state, a session has no goals or plans to arouse you or make you orgasm. The goal is simply to be in the here and now and to flow, share the moment, that you are experiencing together. This gives you complete satisfaction and often multiple orgasms – not as a target, but as a side effect.

Movement and stillness

Tantric massage focuses on enabling you to experience the flow of energy in the body. Whilst the erotic massage will focus on action and sexual arousal, in tantric massage we build energy up to a certain level to stop and let it go and take it., taste it – relax in it, letting it, spread throughout the body. Energy can only be felt when we stop all activities and relax completely, especially relaxing the muscles holding the tensions that block the flow of energy. This relaxation allows you to feel energized and to expand, to become more than just your body.

Sweet pain

Tantric massage is not only sensual and pleasurable. Often, we need to deal with the tensions that block and limit our full sense of freedom, so that you can feel the energy flow in your body. Tantra is a path of personal growth and a massage session may include bodywork techniques to relieve tension along the neck and spine, in the pelvis, diaphragm, and genitals. We use deep massage of the fascial and deep tissue around the pelvis, hip bones and genitals to restore blood flow, refresh the lymph and allow the release of toxins from the tissues, and to remove emotional blockages from the past that keep you tense.

Thanks to such healing techniques, you will feel more space inside your body, greater capacity for sexual sensitivity, improved erection, increased ability to delay ejaculation, ability to experience deep multiple orgasms, as well as a general sense of integration of your sexuality with the rest of your body and your essence.

Autorka: Freya Wolna

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