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“A wonderful, warm person with great knowledge and feel. The Tantric session with my husband was a wonderful journey into myself, and it taught me how to share myself with others. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their relations with themselves and the world. In a warm, almost family-like, intimate atmosphere, in a sense of freedom and readiness for whatever comes, Freya helps to see what was previously invisible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”


“A wonderful workshop I took part in. 90 minutes of amazing moments. Freya helps to let go to become aware of not only the emotions we like, but also those we call unpleasant; she helps to break through not only in love for ourselves and the world, but also in setting boundaries, assertiveness and self-confidence. A deep, well-thought-out workshop, freeing, giving joy, allowing a fresh look at oneself, relationships and the world. Thank you”


“Freya is great tantric teacher who can build deep and safe atmosphere during her workshops and massage sessions. She opened my eyes to Tantra and during her workshop I’ve met my beloved partner for life pastedGraphic.png I’m very grateful to have met her on my path. Thank you, dear Freya, and all the best! Yours, Agni”


“You got to hear this! I had the amazing opportunity to have an individual training session with Freya. It was PURE PLEASURE. Her attentiveness, ease of delivery, knowledge combined with experience, confidence, calmness, ability to motivate, openness to questions, to student’s doubts – all this was of the highest class, conducted very professionally, and at the same time, without unnecessary superiority. So far, for about 10 years of my tantric-massage path, I had a lot of different teachers, so I think I can evaluate my experiences well in this matter.

I found the training program (the 1st module of the annual massage training) extremely interesting (despite my already considerable knowledge and experience); it’s coherent and gives me the feeling that the presented knowledge was gathered not only from the field of tantric massages, but Tantra as understood much more broadly.

I am looking forward for the rest of the course with great anticipation!”


“Yes, this and many other workshops led by Freya Wolna are changing my consciousness, body and I freed myself from many things I no longer need, that do not serve me. I found a new tribe that I love with all my heart. I’m glad to be among these wonderful people and I highly recommend it. pastedGraphic_1.pngAho”


“Freya is an amazing teacher and an amazing woman. She has extensive knowledge and experience; she can guide everyone – be it a complete beginner, or someone already advanced in working with the body and sexuality. Freya creates a safe and warm atmosphere, she is attentive to every person in the group; thanks to her, a lot of people open up. I have great confidence in Freya’s guidance and I recommend it to everyone, couples, singles looking for their path and for self-discovery”


“Freya is a beautiful soul, woman and teacher. She shares her knowledge in a unique way. She is open, she inspires confidence. She is a woman in flow, radiating a nice warm energy that gives a sense of security. During the workshops, she knows when to let go and when to turn up the heat. She moves very well in this space. I hope to meet her many more times!”


“Freya, thank you for the space where you shared your experiences, your smile and tears, Meeting you in a space of love and truth is always special. I hold you dear in my heart.”


“You are close to my heart. Your tantric knowledge and the way you share it keeps me on this path. I am very grateful for each of your workshops for your full presence and support. I love you, beautiful Goddess.”


“Freya teaches women how to enjoy their femininity. Couples like to taste love. It teaches mature people how to enjoy small, wonderful moments. It guides those who need it through difficulties with concentration and love. It invites you to a beautiful journey after which nothing will ever be the same. And he does all this with warmth, safety and a sense of humor.”


“Freya has a gift. Thanks to her experience, knowledge and a beautiful, warm and joyful heart, you can trust her fully, relax deeply, experience the wonderful bliss of being, and meet yourself again. Freya’s attentive, respectful and sanctified touch draws from various methods, covers the entire spectrum – from strong, point pressure, through a smooth Lomi Lomi massage, to the softest touch, which wonderfully revives and soothes the body and soul. Thanks to Freya, you can feel like a fully living divine being – or rather rediscover that you have always been one. I highly recommend seeing Freya.”


“I went to the “Awakening of Power” not knowing what to expect – there was power, there was joy, there were emotions – first of all, there was living the experience. I saw how I want to experience, what to unlock – this was a really moving event… I highly recommend it!”


“I have been in tantra for 3.5 years and I started with Freya from the Annual Tantric Massage Training. And all the time I return to the next workshops, because I still feel that I can learn a lot from her. I trust her leading, I open up a lot in me, be it the sensitivity of the heart, or like now on Dark Eros, places of power. I feel Freya is a wonderful guide every time. Thank you! “


“A unique workshop. A large dose of knowledge, I got to know myself and my partner closer. During the workshop, I felt safe and cared for. Great love and gratitude.”


“A year of tantric massage training is something much more than techniques. During this course I learned not only to massage but most of all I got instructions on how to use my own body, my limits and needs. me gentleness and wisdom. Thank you for being able to assist you and learn from you. I love you. “


“I recommend a year-long tantric massage training with Freya. It is not only learning massage techniques, but also beautiful ceremonies, meditation and interesting people. It is an adventure into yourself with a large dose of emotions.”


“A wonderful warm person, with a great knowledge of feeling. The Tantric session with my husband was a wonderful journey into myself and gaining the ability to share it with another person. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve relations with themselves and the surrounding world at least a little. intimate atmosphere, feeling free and ready for whatever is happening, Freya helps to see what was previously invisible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. “


“So far, I have attended workshops practically only with male teachers. I had the same tendency in listening to lectures and teachings of different spiritual masters. I have to admit that I was closed to women and especially women teachers. You know how it was at school, teachers without panache and so on. So, when I went to the first module of Freya’s annual massage course, I had a lot of doubts, even though I got to know Freya much earlier. She was actually the first person I met during my first Tantra workshop. The whole room was full of people, practically everyone had paired up, and I was standing against the wall, consumed by anxiety, feeling blocked. I looked around hoping that someone was left without a pair. And suddenly I saw a red-haired woman who radiated passion and joy. My heart skipped a beat, and I felt even more terrified. And then she looked at me, smiled and waved her finger in an inviting gesture. Ahh, these Dakinis will always sense it wellpastedGraphic.png Thanks to her, I took my first steps on this wonderful path. Freya dispelled my doubts about the course very quickly. Lightness, presence, ease and the amazing feminine power with which she conducts the workshops delight and surprise me positively every time. You just want to listen to her, be in her energy field and walk this wonderful path with her. I know that I can’t hide anything from her. And this is one of the greatest qualities a teacher can have. Her professionalism, multidisciplinary experience and, above all, intuition and power of love fascinate me every time. Freya doesn’t push, she encourages. She doesn’t scold you – she shows you the way like a loving mother who wants the best for you. With her, I do not feel pushed to do things – so I am eager to enter into experiences, knowing that my individuality is fully respected and accepted with awareness of what is good for me. Thanks to Freya, my life has been completely transformed on practically every level. Not only have I experienced miraculous healing, I have had a lot of beautiful experiences that still shine bright in my memory. Not only have I experienced my Being dozens of times. I also became more open to other teachers whose power, intuition and deep love move me again and again. In fact, this description is just a tiny fraction of my experience. I could write a whole book and that wouldn’t be enough. Words are not enough to convey the incredible gratitude I feel to the Universe for intertwining our paths, and to Freya herself, who is the greatest teacher of all teachers with whom I have so far been able to co-create experiences of collaborative learning. But Freya is not only a teacher. She is a great friend who always offers advice and support when needed. Sometimes a mother, sometimes a sister, sometimes a muse and inspiration. Most of all, Freya is a woman. A real, authentic woman. Thank you, Freya.”


“I’ve known Freya for almost 2 years. I have been to many tantric workshops that she led or co-led. I also had individual sessions with her. Freya is a very positive, empathetic, understanding person with a big heart. Of course, she is also a great guru in the area of Tantra for me. All of her workshops were of great value to me. They allowed me to start learning about Tantra, opening my eyes to many things that I never thought about before, or known anything about them. I had many new experiences, learned wonderful things about myself to live a better and a happier life. I have always appreciated Freya’s guidance, and the way she teaches. I feel that each time I found a workshop, it was what I needed at that particular moment in my life, and it was to play a significant role. I’ve learned, and I am still learning a lot from Freya. Each workshop and meeting brought value for me, for relationships. I have learned a new, different perception of life and the world. I am sincerely grateful to her for that. I respect Freya very much as a Tantra teacher, but also as an extraordinary woman. I appreciate her sincere smile, positive energy, her wisdom, extraordinary feminine power, openness and understanding for others. I admire her for her deep knowledge of the tantric path and for the way she communicates and spreads her knowledge of Tantra. She really wants people to live their lives to the fullest, in joy and abundance – just as she lives hers, and this is what she teaches. I highly recommend all workshops led by Freya.”


“Freya – a beautiful witch. Freya is very significant person in my life. She has a great deal of direct, first-hand knowledge from many teachers. She knows many approaches and has a very rich work technique. She has knowledge, knows the techniques, has ideas for new exercises, which she uses now by running her own workshops and training programs. I am pleased to see how she can share herself, how she courageously guides the participants through the meanders of their own bodies and minds. Freya shares herself with grace, gives a lot, doesn’t hold anything back, and is fully committed. She can give you more than you expect. Freya is one of the few people with whom we have successfully gotten through a major conflict – our relationship has survived and grew richer. This proves that Freya can apply her knowledge and experience to herself, and is proof of the truth and effectiveness of what she teaches. I have a feeling that Freya is on the right path, doing what she was born to do. Apart from her knowledge and experience, she has valuable skills; the ability to share, give, take care of participants even in large groups, always very committed to what she does. You can get a lot from her, you can learn a lot from her. It is worth getting to know her, as it might be a breakthrough in your life. Come and see for yourself.”


“Since I started to be interested in Tantra and tantric massages, I searched the Internet, I read a lot of information about people conducting workshops, meetings, trainings … At one point, I found a workshop led by Freya and stopped looking any further. I signed up for a workshop led by Freya and I met a person who is a great trainer and guide in the secrets of Tantra. There is no match for Freya in Poland; in addition, several people who help her in organizing the workshops are very carefully selected, which translates to a very professional approach to training and clients. Thank you, Freya, for conducting trainings, webinars and live meetings in this very difficult situation.”


“I made the decision about the first massage because I wanted to get to know my sexuality better. I had a lot of concerns about the session. They quickly disappeared as I felt Freya’s respect for me (my body, my boundaries, needs, emotions, difficulties, my wisdom and my resources). I’ve seen her several times. Before each massage, I listened to myself looking for my needs, and I told her about them. Of course, there were times that other things came up. I was learning to recognize and communicate them. Sensations of touch drew my attention to the body, which gradually relaxed. I started a journey through various areas of myself (not only physical) learning to accepting them. It is difficult to plan out this journey, but I could always make an informed decision as to whether I wanted to go further at any given moment. Regardless of what it was, I tried to accept each part of myself that showed up and to be aware of its existence. I believe that Freya’s massage was one of the factors in my positive life change. I highly recommend it.”