In this age of social change and the #metoo movement, men need to rethink who they are, what their purpose is and how can they serve the greater good. Our culture nowadays is shifting from patriarchal (focused on male needs and domination) to the balance between femininity and masculinity. A patriarchal society with masculine values of hard work, competition, winners and losers, is coming to an end. 

The feminine values of connection and caring for everyone will take a leading role. While we don’t know what it will be like in the future, both men and women should work together to build a better world. These changes do not pose a threat to men, but are a great opportunity to build a new society that serves our children and their children. To do this, men need to be prepared for a radical change.

The transformation of modern societies and social institutions, like everything in life, always starts with each of us. This process, or the lack thereof, will ultimately determine whether humanity will survive the coming era of radical change.

The best we can do is prepare ourselves by adopting a new mindset that is governed by the Universal Law and is balanced by physical and spiritual law. What does it mean?

Without delving into the complex nature of the Universal Law, and for the purposes of this post, all you need to know is that everything seeks balance. The Physical and Spiritual Law strive for balance in accordance with the Universal Law. The task facing men and women is to restore the male and female energy balance without destroying the planet or each other. We also need to reduce the domination of the physical world in order to balance it with the spiritual world. In other words, we have to wake up to our highest potential and grow up.

What is the current state of masculinity?

It’s not the best. Among the suicide statistics, males constitute the majority (78% are white males). They also have a problem with overdose (68% of victims are men), depression (9% of men now, and 30% over their lifetime), and PTSD. Young men do not participate in professional life to the level required to create a society that builds a healthy culture. Men of all ages face remarkable challenges.

Can men transcend patriarchal culture?

Yes. Men can take radical responsibility for their past actions. When men will move beyond time-worn, aggressive patterns of “win/lose” dominance and competition, and focus on cooperation, acceptance and “win/win” approach.

What is toxic masculinity?

Male energy itself is neither good nor bad. It is very much needed in all of us. The whole problem lies at level of consciousness, and responsibility rests with the individual, not with some external force.

I prefer the word unrefined, or unconscious, instead of toxic. Unconscious masculinity is a projection of thoughts, anger and deficiency onto someone else. It can be aggressive and offensive both physically and verbally. Men are stereotypically treated as dominant and aggressive for a reason. There is no place in our culture for rebellious masculinity, whether expressed by men or women. It’s a time to forgive, learn, and move on.

Why is there so much aggression in men?

According to Jungian psychology, men tend to project their pent-up anger onto anything feminine. We all experience this by destroying our planet and through a long history of rape on femininity. When the male psyche is unable to find fulfilment in itself, it lashes out outward. This energy is highly unstable and destructive for men as well. Men need ways to , release this energy through physical activity and support groups to relieve tension.

Can men evolve beyond the existing paradigm?

Absolutely. Not only they can, but they must, and fast. By engaging in their own transformation, going beyond the antiquated way of being, men can change. To do this, it will be necessary to join other men who are in the process of changing.

New male role models are emerging. They represent balanced masculinity and femininity. It just so happens that the new man is more powerful, more attractive and smarter.

How can men grow spiritually and raise awareness?

Men do not have to strive for social or environmental change, they have to strive for a change in themselves.

To do this, men need to grow up and assume their spiritual nature, which serves the greater good of all that is feminine, including our planet.

To raise awareness, men can start meditating, writing, contemplating, and spending time listening to what others have to say.

What can men do when life “falls apart” during a breakup and divorce?

What may seem like the ending is really the beginning. In every relationship failure lies the secret to the next level of relationship success. There are two key questions to ask yourself. What did you learn? And why did you get this life lesson? If the man can answer them, he can move on to new, more satisfying relationships. If conclusions will not be drawn, the past will happen again.

What do women want from a man?

They want to be heard, understood, loved and respected.

To do this, men need to give up their innate need to care for and protect women. They can still do it, but because they want it,, and not out of an unconscious need.

Why? Because the unconscious need to provide and protect is often linked to the need to control and blame women for their own inability to act. Men and women can radically change their relationships by listening and speaking carefully.

How to make a change?

Life problems always give you the opportunity to break through. Men have never faced challenges like today. But it can be an opportunity to revise your values, purpose and mission. With this comes new growth, new wisdom, and a new human being.

Health, happiness, peace, love and abundance await men ready to take on the challenge. Although there are many questions and challenges, everyone can expand their consciousness and become the hero of their life who manifests a new dream and a new Earth.

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