Imagine a beautiful place in nature, a warm bedroom filled with a luxurious scent, romantic candles. The sun is shining outside, birds are singing, nature and clean air all around.

The rustle of trees and wind sways you to the rhythm of love. You are in paradise. You and your partner. Nobody knows where exactly. Your phones have long been forgotten. You have nothing to get done, no responsibilities, obligations, or errands. All there is, is to just be. Together. Close. Tenderly. Mindfully. Slowly. With passion. Again and again… Absolutely connected.


  • Do you want to take the next step towards improving your love life, sexuality and conscious relationship?
  • Are you interested in Tantra, yet a bit afraid things might be weird?
  • Do you prefer more intimate meetings than group workshops?
  • Do you want to reignite your love relationship?
  • Are you ready to stimulate the stagnant energy between you?
  • Are you looking for the perfect, romantic, intimate gift for yourself and a loved one?
  • Do you want to open up to the wildness and excitement of exploring your fantasies?
  • Do you want to rediscover yourselves to strengthen and awaken the love between you?
  • Do you love luxury, comfort and beautiful surroundings?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions, then this retreat is for you!


 It is more than a workshop and an individual session. It is being in a space of togetherness and experiencing the tantric way of life. Slowly, in relaxation that opens up the mind, body and soul.

We offer you an exclusive space ONLY FOR YOU. A space for discovering yourself in love, closeness, lusciousness, expanding the repertoire of experiences with the tools of Neo-Tantra, sensual domination and dynamics of submission, rituals and other alternative, tasty practices. Our intention is that you can show each other your authentic self and (re)kindle the fire of your intimacy to grow together in love.

Private Retreat for Couples is a perfect idea for an intimate celebration of your relationship. It is a meeting at the level of body, heart and soul. Meeting with Tantra teachers – Freya and Piotr in a beautiful place, tailored and adapted to your needs and dreams. This is a time of growth in love, a time of meditation, feeling and increasing sexual energy.

We will meet in a luxurious, quiet placewhere we guide you to rediscover each other using tantric practices and the techniques of conscious sexuality. You will know, experience and learn new ways to expand your intimate and sexual relationship.


 Nowadays, our life is so fast paced and full of important matters that we forget about our Beloved Ones. It’s so hard to find the time to reconnect with love and desire for each other.

The Private Retreat for Couples offers the time and tools to rekindle your passion and reconnect your hearts, allowing you to relax in a loving connection.

You will open your hearts to each other and to yourself in new and exciting ways.

Are you ready to start this journey?


 Private Retreat for Couples is designed to make you both feel seen, heard, sensual, refreshed in the body, and deeply connected.

We propose exercises and practices based on authentic relationships, breathwork, movement, massage and ancient tantric practices, grounded in modern knowledge on relationships, sexuality and pleasure. Everything in agreement with you, meeting your needs and respecting boundaries. We even choose the place of the meeting together with you.

The Private Retreat for Couples consists of two 2-3 hour sessions a day, tailored to your needs and desires, with delicious practices and juicy “homework”. The sessions are tailored to your needs and desires and are designed to help you reach your full loving and sexual potential as a couple. We draw from rich tantric and Taoist sources, but also from somatic body work, coaching and intimate communication practices.

Each day is filled with Inspiration, Magic and Love. Let yourself dream! The time is now.



The Private Retreat for Couples aims to give you a taste of new possibilities in love and intimacy by providing you with the most precious gift of today: “Time just for you” to deepen or heal your relationship, under our professional care and guidance.

Length and date of a retreat is to be agreed upon, depends on your preferences and our availability. The minimum length is 2 nights, 3 days.

Prices depend on your preferences in terms of location, transport costs, duration, services and required time, type of accommodation.

Accommodation may include luxury hotels, private residences or yachts specially rented for the occasion. It is important that the place meets

your needs and our technical requirements. You can suggest a location or leave it to us.

There are unlimited options for creating a paradise on earth:

Hiring a private chef, renting a private yacht, spa, massage, wine tasting, vineyard tours, picnics, private cruise and specially designed amenities.

The service can be provided in Polish and English, and you can hire an interpreter if you feel more comfortable in a different language.


  • How to create a conscious relationship
  • How to build and maintain a strong container for intimate encounters
  • How to experience mindful, carnal, spiritual love
  • The tantric approach to sexuality based on scientific research
  • The language of touch that is a foundation of a wonderful intimate life
  • Intimate communication to talk freely about sex and intimacy, including how to ask for what you want
  • How to co-create great experiences
  • Discover the ecstasy of love in the “valleys” and the intensity of the sensations at the “peaks” of se.x
  • Mutual pleasure for increased erotic arousal
  • Approaches to making love that are endlessly creative and rewarding throughout your life!


  • Connect with a partner through body, heart and soul
  • Deepen intimacy – open up to passion
  • Reconnect with the heart and depth of your most important relationship
  • Learn Tantra – the art of conscious loving
  • Go beyond the routine of everyday life
  • Discover your sexual fantasies
  • Open up to your POWER of authenticity


 It’s best to do it without an occasion, just because you want to. However, let me suggest a few “special occasions”  

  • Birthday of your beloved
  • Valentine’s day
  • Honeymoon or pre-wedding trip
  • Wedding gift
  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Any occasion or time you want to make really special
  • Every time you want to deepen intimacy with your beloved
  • Engagement – create the perfect setting and atmosphere to ask this MOST IMPORTANT question


 Couples of all ages and at every stage of their lives and relationships.

Those who wish to heal their relationship,

Those who are entering a relationship,

And also those who have a great relationship, in part because they do cool things together like this retreat!

It’s a time just for you. We welcome all genders and sexual expressions.


  • Grow in love and authenticity
  • To receive and give mindfulness to your partner with greatest care
  • Regain your power in your relationship and for yourself
  • Discover in yourself, and for each other, those hidden parts that have been consciously or unconsciously kept in the dark
  • Increase the chemistry between you by learning to polarize your energy
  • Learn about different practices and rituals, tools and techniques, from “spiritual” to “naughty”
  • Learn the art of communication to gracefully express your needs, desires, and boundaries
  • Grow, away from the daily routine, habits and relationship dynamics
  • Relax in a luxurious place with delicious food



 We will introduce you to the art of loving presence and conscious breathing to soothe and regulate your nervous system so that you can safely discover and support each other in the heart space. You will learn the tools of conscious communication to safely express your needs, desires and boundaries. We will move the energy in the body to open to the Art of the Loving Touch, tantric massage, to experience states of orgasmic flow.


 For a spark to exist in the relationship, two poles are needed. Masculine and Feminine, Ying and Yang, Energy and Consciousness. Regardless of your gender, each of you can embody these extreme energies. You will know what polarization is, what femininity and masculinity require, how to discover it in yourself, how to cultivate it and embody it in a relationship and in your daily life.


 We will explore the ancient art of sacred sexuality. It’s about discovering new desires while respecting your boundaries and the right to say YES and NO, so that you can stay authentic and at the same time broaden your horizons for further exploration. You will learn the rituals of honouring the divine in you; Yoni and Lingam rituals, temple massages.


 We invite you to experience yourself in a luscious way, discover your naughty side, reach for the “forbidden fruit” from your fantasies, which you do not yet have the courage to express. In a safe and relaxed atmosphere of fun and exploration, you will learn how to communicate and discover your hidden desires and fantasies. You will get to know the archetypes of lovers, the elements of conscious kink, domination and submission, experiencing them in a light and fun way, respecting your limits and needs, while expanding your repertoire of skills and love opportunities.


 Every day you will have time for intimacy for just the two of you. To relax and just be. Delicious meals, spa treatments, walks in the forest, swimming in a lake or a sea (depending on the retreat location). Each morning there will be a space to share your experiences, put them into words and understand them in awareness and presence. We will integrate the experiences and anchor them on different levels of consciousness.


    • you will gain a new awareness of your body and access your orgasmic potential.
    • You will discover your boundaries and learn to communicate them.
    • You will experience new sensations and discover what gives you pleasure.
    • You will experience the beauty of being worshipped as a Goddess.
    • You will unleash your wild side and discover your inner power.
    • You will discover the power of active masculinity and learn how to cultivate it and use it.
    • You will feel the bliss of being seen and loved as your most authentic self.


  • You will learn how to increase your masculine power in lovemaking.
  • You will discover how emotional sensitivity makes you a great lover.
  • You will experience new sensations and discover what gives you pleasure.
  • You will feel the beauty of being worshipped as Shiva and other archetypes of male energy.
  • You will discover the power of the feminine within you and learn how to cultivate and embody it whenever you want.
  • You will feel the bliss of being seen and loved as your most authentic self.


  • You will reignite the fire of passion in your relationship.
  • You will feel the love at the level of body, heart and soul.
  • You will understand the dynamics of your relationship.
  • You will learn how to discover and care for your desires, needs and boundaries.
  • You will learn to consciously communicate your needs, desires and boundaries.
  • You will discover your different needs as part of a partner relationship and intimate exploration.
  • You will learn to create a safe container for discovering desires and passionate intimacy.
  • You will experience the connection at the level of the energy body and the sacredness of your relationship.
  • You will discover alternative erotic play to embody various forms of sexual energy in a safe way.
  • You will consciously realize the polarization of healthier and more balanced relationship patterns in and out of bed.
  • You will experience yourself and your partner from a new perspective.
  • You will begin a new chapter in your relationship based on deeper intimacy in truth and authenticity.
  • You will expand your love repertoire with new exciting skills and techniques that will help you ignite and maintain your mutual passion.
  • By discovering the wealth of embodiment of energy and archetypes, you will get to know each other over and over again and you will never get bored of each other!


 Private Retreat provides amazing results, but requires commitment and determination, time, and matching effort. From my many years of experience, I know that results are achieved by people who have put themselves and their development at the top of the priority list. That is why I introduced the application process to sign up for work with me. The results are important to me, so I want to make sure that those who hire me are emotionally and energetically engaged, and devote the time required to do the work.

Please complete the form below to qualify to work with me. You will receive information about packages and required investment after completing the form.

What others are saying

Participants' opinions

“… Wonderful and inspiring workshops. I know this will greatly affect my relationship with my wife. It was a great time together. Incredible knowledge about masculinity and femininity, how else do we think, feel and excite ... but how beautifully complement each other ... "
Zbyszek J.
“We met again. This time together reminded me of how wonderful a man I have by my side. It gave us a common language and many tools for personal growth and the development of our relationship. We are human, communication can be very difficult, so it was great getting guidance and coaching on how to improve our relationship skills. "
Joanna i Paweł
“It's hard to find words to describe how powerful this experience was during the workshop with Freya and Piotr. I was amazed at the connection I felt with my body and my partner. I felt the energy change in my body as we released the blockages. Amazing how much can be changed in such a short time. Our sex is cosmic. "
“I thought this retreat would improve intercourse, but not only did it get better, it has never been so great! Now I see the world in a new, exciting and slightly stunning light! "
“Thank you so much for the most wonderful week in paradise, both literally and figuratively. Having been to your workshops before, we knew for sure that we would have a lot of fun, but this Private Retreat with you was more deliciously juicy and inspiring than we could have imagined. "
Elżbieta i Krystian
“Thank you so much for these 3 life changing days! We were really influenced and the challenge exceeded our expectations. Thank you."
Basia i Janek

Are you ready to start this journey?