Life & Sex Coach, Trainer of Tantra, tantric massage, personal and spiritual development.

I want to help you open up to the pleasure of sexual and spiritual awakening so that you can face any challenge, find a deep purpose and live your full potential with joy and an open heart.


I invite you to discover the power of energy and awareness.

I am a guide, coach and healer who connects the Eastern with the Western culture, using scientific and spiritual tools. In my work, I use ancient tantric knowledge, coaching, shamanic practices, meditation, breathing, yoga, bodywork, dance, NVC, drama, elements of process-oriented therapy and many other tools that I have gathered over 20 years of practice. At the same time, I am specific, I choose proven tools that help to calm down a scattered mind, open the heart and speed up sexual and spiritual awakening. Today I am fulfilled in love, life and work. If you want, I will be happy to share with you my knowledge and experience that I have gathered over the years of research. My goal is to help you to learn this knowledge in a much shorter time.

- O MNIE -



The way of body and soul transformation.

Tantra has become a path in my life from the moment I came across it at the OSHO Centre in India almost 20 years ago. I trained hundreds of people during my original workshops and year-long Tantra, and tantric massage trainings. 
I completed 2 years of teacher training in The Paths of Transformation school (by J. Hawken), where I completed over 1000 hours of workshops. I completed the intensive ISTA Level 1 and 2 workshops at the International School of Temple Arts, I studied with leading Western Tantra teachers, including: Santoshi Amor, Shachar Caspi, Ma Ananda Sarita, Bruce Lyon, Andrew Barnes, Matt Schwenk, Susanne Roursgaard and others. Today, after years of study, I work with many of them, teaching in international Tantra schools: The Paths of Transformation (UK), Tantra Woman (Spain) and Art of Love (Israel).
I am currently studying and practising ancient Shivaist Nondualistic Tantra with Sally Kempton and Christopher D. Wallis.

More information on Tantra can be found on my blog (link)

You want a deeper connection with your body, sex and soul, but don’t know how to do it?


Holistic body work.

The body does not lie and is a fundamental indicator of where we are on our development path. In my practice, I focus on releasing blockages and tension, restoring the natural flow of energy in the body. The methods I use include tantric massage, fascia massage, stimulating and relaxing massages. I run the practice of sex coaching and intimate relationship healing.
I started to learn body work in 2001, participating in the programs of holistic cleansing of the body, breathing integration and rebirthing at Inspirational Seminars International.
I completed the Yearly Bioenergetics Training by Reich, the Yearly Certified Tantric Massage Training at the Paths of Transformation School, the sexual healing course with Susanne Roursgaard, and the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage course. I am still improving my skills by studying fascia massages according to the MBR and MAS Methods.
Since 2017, I have been running the only Professional Tantric Massage Training in Poland certified by international organizations: The Paths of Transformation and ASIS (The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists). I am a member of the ASIS Board.  

More information on Tantra can be found on my blog (link)




I love meditation. Meeting the most important person in my life – myself.

I have been practising Yoga and meditation for over 20 years. I learned yoga during my studies at the University of Toronto in 1992, then I practised Ashtanga Yoga for many years. I started my meditation path with the Silva Method course in 1991, and OSHO meditation at the Pune meditation centre in 2004, where I later obtained a teaching certificate. It is also where I first encountered Tantra. I also love Vipassana meditation which has opened me up to spiritual ecstatic states. I also practice mindfulness and meditation according to Vignan Bhairava Tantra.


Believing that most social problems stem from inept communication, I have practised non-violent communication since my first meeting with Marshall Rosenberg in 2001, and I also teach it during my trainings. Based on my business, theatrical and tantric experiences, I have created a unique blend of experiential learning that allows participants to learn quickly, enjoyably and effectively.




During many years of work in a corporation, I have run a coaching practice. I have also completed many coaching trainings, obtaining a Coach certificate. After leaving my full-time job, I started the Life Coaching practice, in which I integrate various development paths, including Process Oriented Psychology (POP), which is a multicultural, multi-level practice of working with awareness. I offer an interdisciplinary approach to support my clients in self motivation.


Searching for my spiritual roots, I entered the path of discovering shamanic secrets.  In my work, I use this treasury of knowledge of our ancestors during the Ecstatic Cacao workshops and Ceremonies that I conduct throughout Poland.
My first spiritual guide was Starhawk, a Celtic witch, writer, feminist, and eco-activist. She taught me shamanic rituals and healing, and how to be in contact and communicate with nature. I was educated by shamans from the Amazon in the traditions of the Eagle and Condor, which deepened my knowledge of the natural world, energy, spirituality and healing plants.
I completed the annual Shamanic Path training in The Paths of Transformation following the traditions of the indigenous Twisted Hairs mixed-blood tribes.




They are the foundation of a fulfilled life.

Each week, I support women, men and couples in finding themselves, exploring their sexuality and unleashing their true potential. Thanks to Tantra, body work, meditation and spiritual practices, we can see ourselves differently, communicate more fully, rediscover ourselves and ignite the spark of love, learning about dimensions of sex we have never even dreamed of.
I completed a two-year Process Oriented Psychology (POP) course, courses in non-violent communication (NVC), and I have undergone many coaching trainings during my training work, and since then I have also been coaching my clients.

You are welcome to use my free materials on my blog. Take part in a free webinar or download the PDF guidebook. 
And if you want to dive deep into the topic to get the best results… let’s meet live at the session or during one of my events.


Today I can say that I am making my dreams come true. I travel the world with my beloved, I gain knowledge and support others in their development.

Before that happened, I had to go through a long path of disenchantment and disappointment, high flights and deep falls, I walked many paths and met many teachers, to finally find what I can call my own way.


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