The Art of Intimacy for Couples

Why is it so difficult to build a loving and passionate relationship? In fact, many things in life seem difficult until we learn the right skills to deal with them. Whether you are single, dating, married or married for thirty years, partners are your greatest teachers and relationships will remain your deepest spiritual practice.

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Love as an art form

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? If you want to learn to love and have deep relationships and satisfying sex, you have to do the same as if you want to learn another skill - for example, playing an instrument, painting or whatever you want. By coming to this understanding, you can start making art out of your relationships, intimacy, and love. Practicing this type of love can turn your relationship into a catalyst for spiritual growth. As two people devote themselves to the practice of deepening intimacy, truth, and love together, their respective gifts to the world become clearer. The result is increased flow, happiness and healing, along with a deep sense of connection and love for yourself and your partner.


How to rediscover love? We need deep intimacy as the basis for long-term relationships. Intimacy is a sensitive act of opening up to another person at every level and in all spheres of life. During the sessions, I create a safe space for you where you can challenge your fears and stand in front of yourself in the truth. This is where the transformation begins.

Love knows no gender, the tantric art of love applies to everyone. I invite hetero and non-hetero normative pairs.


Many of the couples I have worked with have been tired of endless “relationship work”. I suggest you a more pleasant scenario. Individual sessions with me are an excellent training that creates a positive spiral in your development – both individually and in a relationship. Along with the exercises, theory, and experiences of intimacy and pleasure, you will receive powerful tools to decode patterns of behavior, relationships, and pitfalls so that adventure, excitement, passion, presence and abundance of love become part of your relationship.


I invite you to a radical transformation of your relationship, during which we work with the body and emotions related to fears, problems and challenges in the sphere of intimate life.

Thanks to the combination of tantric practices, body work, elements of process-oriented therapy, coaching and modern neuroscience, my somatic and energetic approach goes much deeper than traditional counseling, at the same time being a pleasant and positive experience.

Are you ready to start this journey?


We work with what is alive in you at the moment. Each session begins with a coaching conversation, during which I get to know your needs, define our boundaries and the scope of work during the session.

During the sessions, we create a safe atmosphere for conversation and practice to enter into emotions. We build space for your bodies to relax and open to closeness, softness, passions, wildness, rudeness and deeply hidden desires and erotic fantasies.

During the session, we work with the body, touch (nudity is possible during the massage), emotions, breath and energy.


The work we do together gives great results, but requires commitment and determination. From my many years of experience, I know that results are achieved by people who have put themselves and their development at the top of the priority list. That is why I introduced the application process to cooperate with me. The results are important to me, so I want to make sure that those who hire me are emotionally, energetically engaged, and devote the time required to do so.

Please complete the form below to qualify to work with me. You will receive information about packages and investments after completing the form.


  • You love each other but have lost your desire for sex.
  • You are best buddies, intimacy has become a chore.
  • There is tenderness between you, but no intimacy and no fire.
  • You both give priority to everything but sex, and you feel sorry for it.
  • You hope the spark will just arise “spontaneously,” But it is not.
  • You are tired of constantly searching for the causes of what is wrong … but nothing changes …
  • You think about “opening up” your relationship, or you have tried and it has done more harm than good

I understand you perfectly. I myself (with my ex-husband) was in this place, unfortunately I did not find any help from a (very well-known) couples therapist or a sexologist …
It is a pity that we did not know Tantra then …


In my years of working with couples, I see over and over again that we all have a similar struggle.

The time has come to let go of your past pain and conditioning.

The time has come to adopt new ways of treating each other.

Time to take care of yourself, your body and your sexual energy.


  • kindle and nurture the fire in your bedroom
  • meet the deep desires of your hearts and bodies
  • improve communication
  • recognize and talk about your intimate needs
  • listen, ask and give a loving touch
  • learn the anatomy of pleasure
  • discover and feel the energy of the body
  • open up to ecstatic experiences
  • discover multiorgasmic sensations
  • refresh the emotional bond between you
  • take your relationship to the heights of the art of love
  • feel the spiritual connection between you

Trust that love can be calm and passionate at the same time!


First of all, I experienced the drama of white marriage, the emptiness of loneliness in a relationship, the drama of divorce, and disappointment in subsequent dysfunctional relationships. I have come a long way and now I passionately help those who are ready to heal their relationship!

Today I am in a happy relationship, more fulfilled spiritually, sexually and emotionally than ever thanks to the practices and tools that I have learned. Now I am sharing them with you. My partner Piotr, who is also a Tantra practitioner and teacher, conducts workshops with me, and when necessary, supports him with his experience during individual sessions.


For those in love – You have just started a new relationship. Everything is wonderful. Energy flows … but … you don’t always know how to say what you really need, or maybe you don’t even know it yourself … You would like the honeymoon to last as long as possible. You want to create a conscious relationship.
Touch, massage, tantric breathing and energy circulation sessions.
Working with the inner man and woman to meet in your power.
The art of conscious quarrel and non-violent communication.

Radical transformation of the relationship – For couples with longer experience. What to do when work, home and children have consumed our libido? How do you kindle the fire again? Releasing patterns and projections on your partner, working with childhood patterns, releasing stagnant emotions and regrets towards your partner. Conscious quarrels and non-violent communication. Working with the inner masculinity and femininity to meet in your power. Tantric sex – rituals, sacred sexuality, learning to touch, breath, intimate communication, transform breath. Disarming the body from blockages, healing sexuality. Understanding the impact of the partner’s trauma on the relationship. A series of several intense individual sessions, only for those determined to transform their relationship.

Enlightened Relationships – Tantric relationship as a spiritual path of personal development and work on oneself, leading to liberation from the shackles of the mind, limiting beliefs, prohibitions and social orders to personal freedom, to accept life in all its manifestations, live abundantly and mildly accept oneself and everything, what is happening to us.
Learning to meditate, freeing your body from blockages, discovering your energy body, opening up to your own potential and personal power – the inner power that comes from deep understanding of caring for your inner relationship. Respect for the partner’s path.

Polyamory, Open Relationships – Everything is for people, and we can do anything if it is within our borders and does not harm others. If you are attracted to this topic, it is worth getting ready, learning the rules and playing open cards. When there is an extra person in the relationship, it’s helpful to know what to do when love is stronger than pride and a hurt ego. How to take care of yourself and your health. How to feel safe. How to deal with jealousy.

Dark Eros – Discovering transgressive sexuality with the “dark” tinge of forbidden fruit. The art of erotic games and fun, the use and transgression of punishment tools for the affirmation of courage and the inner power of the first chakra. Conscious punishment as an act of love, debunking myths and moral imperatives about being polite, releasing innocent pleasure and stimulating the energy of the first chakra to return home. Clearing the patterns and blockages of the first chakra: existential anxiety, guilt and shame and, as a result, finding your personal power, discovering your place in life, opening yourself to the flow of energy and abundance.
The art of erotic play and fun, conscious kink, domination and submission.

Kashmiri Ritual – A ritual that comes from the Tantric tradition of Kashmir, it is considered a way to experience nonduality and oneness with the Absolute. The Kashmir Tantric Ritual focuses in particular on the stimulation of nerve endings and the distribution of energy along the Nadi (energy channels). The massage is sensual, enveloping and energizing. It consists of broad relaxing or stimulating movements that connect each part of the body. Various techniques, known as gliding, kneading and soft tissue massage, are performed with a slow, gentle and intuitive movement. Every part of the body is touched, including erogenous zones *.

Feast of the Senses – This ritual will lead you to the tantric universe through your senses. We use the five senses to discover the outside world through smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing. In the tantric tradition, we also experience our senses as a portal to the Eternal NOW – everything you experience through your senses happens HERE and NOW! Tantra also shows us that one of the most intense and sensual ways to focus on NOW is to awaken our sexual energy. The vehicle is all existence, and the fuel is the sexual energy of life. The goal of the journey is to meet in the heart with the most important person in your life – you / yourself in total presence here and now and with your partner; In this magical space, what is masculine and feminine will meet.
During this sensual ritual you will discover and experience divinity through your senses.


Your way to a conscious and passionate relationship. If you want more vitality, increased potential for love, passion in a relationship, charisma and a focused presence when you need to act … Say “yes” to yourself and we will do the rest together 🙂

Please complete the form below to qualify to work with me. You will receive information about packages and investments after completing the form.


For the body to relax and the mind to trust, safety is key. Over the years of studying and working with the body, I know how difficult it is to trust in such delicate matters as sexuality and spirituality.


I HAVE TRAINED in one of the most reputable Tantra schools - The Paths of Transformation, with John Hawken as my teacher and mentor. After 8 years of training, I obtained the diploma of a practitioner and teacher of tantric massage, Dark Eros and teacher of Tantra.


As a board member of ASIS - the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists - I care about your safety and boundaries, adhering to the ethical principles of this organization.


My standard of work is confirmed by the seal of approval of the German organization TrustedBodywork, which verifies its members in detail for compliance with their quality criteria . This includes legal regulations, as well as stringent basic training requirements.

What others are saying

Participants' opinions​

Katarzyna Golabska
"A wonderful, warm person with great knowledge and feel. The Tantric session with my husband was a wonderful journey into myself, and taught me a great deal. Highly recommended! In a warm, almost family-like, intimate atmosphere, in a sense of freedom and readiness for whatever comes, Freya helps to see what was previously invisible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Paweł Nowakiewicz
"A wonderful workshop! Freya helps to let go and become aware of not only the emotions we like, but also those we call unpleasant; she helps to break through not only in love for ourselves and the world, but also in setting boundaries, assertiveness and self-confidence. A deep, well-thought-out workshop, freeing, giving joy, allowing to take a fresh look at oneself, relationships and the world. Thank you."
"Freya is a great tantric teacher who can build a deep and safe atmosphere during her workshops and massage sessions. She opened my eyes to Tantra and during her workshop I’ve met my beloved partner for life I’m very grateful to have met her on my path. Thank you, dear Freya, and all the best! Yours, Agni."
"Mindfulness, ease of delivery, knowledge combined with experience, confidence, calmness, the ability to motivate, openness to questions, to the student's doubts - all of it was top notch, carried out professionally and, at the same time, without unnecessary superiority."
"Workshops with Freya Wolna changed my consciousness, relaxed my body and helped me free myself from many unnecessary matters that do not serve me. At her workshops, I have found a new tribe that I love with all my heart I am glad to be among these wonderful people. Highly recommended! Izabela Wilczyca Aho!"
Paweł O
"All of her workshops were of great value to me. They helped me start to learn about Tantra, open my eyes, live new experiences, discover myself, start living a better and happier life. I admire her for her profound knowledge of the tantric path and for the way she embodies what she teaches - that people should live life to the fullest, in joy and abundance - as she lives hers. I highly recommend all workshops led by Freya."
Paweł O.
Anna S
"Freya is an amazing teacher and an amazing woman; she has great knowledge and skill. She will guide everyone - complete beginners or advanced. She creates a safe and warm atmosphere, she is attentive to each person in the group, a lot of people opened up with her help. I have great confidence in Freya’s guidance and I recommend meeting her to everyone, couples, singles, people looking for their path and for self-discovery."
Anna S.
Jagoda M.
"Freya is a very significant person in my life. She has a great deal of direct, first-hand knowledge from many teachers, and a very broad skill set to conduct her work. I am always delighted to see how she courageously guides the participants through the meanders of their own bodies and minds. Freya shares herself with grace, gives a lot, doesn’t hold anything back, and is fully committed. She can give you more than you expect."
Agnieszka PG
"I was looking for the right person from whom I could learn Tantra for ages. Once I've found Freya, I stopped looking. During the Tantric Massage workshops, I met a wonderful trainer and guide in the secrets of tantra. I was looking for the right person from whom I could learn Tantra for ages. Once I've found Freya, I stopped looking. During the Tantric Massage workshops, I met a wonderful trainer and guide in the secrets of tantra. There is no match for Freya and her approach in Poland; she carefully selects a team of assistants, which translates to a very professional approach to training and clients."
Agnieszka PG
Kamila B.
"Freya is a beautiful soul, woman and teacher. She shares her knowledge in a unique way. She is open, she inspires confidence. She is a woman in flow, radiating a nice warm energy that gives a sense of security. During the workshops, she knows when to let go and when to turn up the heat. She moves very well in this space. I hope to meet her many more times!"
Kamila B.
Katarzyna N.
"I had a lot of concerns about my personal session. They quickly disappeared as I felt Freya's respect for me (my body, my boundaries, needs, emotions, challenges). I've seen her several times. I could always make an informed decision as to whether I wanted to go further at any given moment. I believe that Freya's massage was one of the factors in my positive life change. I highly recommend it."
Katarzyna N.
Kinga K-M
"Freya, thank you for the space where you shared your experiences, your smile and tears. Meeting you in a space of love and truth is always special. I hold you dear in my heart."
Kinga KM
Kasia M.
"You are close to my heart. Your tantric knowledge and the way you share it keeps me on this path. I am very grateful for each of your workshops for your full presence and support. I love you, beautiful Goddess."
Kasia L.
Ola A.
"Freya teaches women how to enjoy their femininity. She teaches couples how to taste the love. It teaches adult people how to enjoy small, wonderful moments. She guides those in need with focus and love through their challenges. She invites you on a journey, after which nothing will ever be the same. And she does all this with warmth, safety and a sense of humour."
Ola A.
Radek M.
"Lightness, presence, ease and the feminine power with which she conducts the workshops make you want to listen to Freya. Freya is professional, rich with experience and, above all, full of sensitivity and power of love. Freya doesn't push, she encourages. She doesn’t scold you – she shows you the way like a loving mother who wants the best for you. Thanks to Freya, my life has been completely transformed on practically every level. Thank you, Freya"
Radek M.
Tessa W.
"Freya has a gift. Thanks to her experience, knowledge and a beautiful, warm heart, you can trust her fully, relax deeply, experience the wonderful bliss of being, and meet yourself again. Freya's attentive, respectful and sanctified touch draws from various methods, covers the entire spectrum of sensations, which wonderfully revives and soothes the body and soul. Highly recommended!"
Tessa W.
"I was at the “Awakening of Power” not knowing what to expect - there was power, there was joy, there were emotions - first of all, there was living the experience. I found out how I want to experience, what to unlock - this was a really moving event... I highly recommend it!"
Edyta K.
Aleksander Si
"I have followed Tantra for 3.5 years now and I started with Freya at the Annual Tantric Massage Training. And I keep coming back to workshops because I still feel that I can learn a lot from her. I trust her guidance, a lot opens up in me, be it the sensitivity of my heart or, as now at Dark Eros, my space of power. Each time I feel that Freya is a wonderful guide. Thank you!"
Aleksander Si 
Alina Pietrzak
"A unique workshop. A good dose of knowledge, I got to know myself and my partner better. During the workshop, I felt taken care of and safe. Much love and gratitude."
Alina Pietrzak
barbara b
"The annual tantric massage training is much more than techniques. During this course I learned not only how to massage, but most of all I got a manual on how to use my own body, know my boundaries and needs. Freya's guidance into tantra is the most wonderful thing there can be, she does it with her innate gentleness and wisdom. I am grateful I can assist you and learn from you. I love you."
Barbara B.
Norbert Parkasiewicz
"I recommend the annual tantric massage training with Freya It is not only getting to know massage techniques but also learning beautiful ceremonies, meditations and I get to meet really interesting people. It is a journey into oneself with a good dose of emotion."
Norbert Parkasiewicz

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