Think about what you would like to change. What do you want to open up to? 

This year may be the greatest gift you can give yourself. 
You can now decide whether present times will be difficult for you or whether you intend to take control of your own fate.

You can’t afford to wait for the world to get back to normal. The life you want – full of purpose, passion and success – is here waiting for you to take action, and if you don’t… you will stay where you are.

Almost everyone in the world is doing one of two things… Some are trying to cope and survive somehow … others are boldly moving towards a change that will allow them to live in Freedom, Truth and Power.


We want to invite you to a radically life-changing adventure, one that will not only impact your sensual life and the quality of your relationships, but it will essentially create a new paradigm to look at the world. It gives a new sense of self in which we are a stream of energy and a point of awareness. By directing your mindfulness, which is the lens you see the reality through, both in and around you, by choice and not habit, you will learn to create or co-create your reality.


This Training is a journey toward the tantric approach to life and tantric sensuality. A journey to free your consciousness from self-judgement, to liberate your life from the prison of guilt, shame and fear. It is a journey that calls you to follow the authority of your own heart and inner guidance. A journey between the worlds of the earth and the sky, body and spirit, energy and consciousness that reveals your potential, embracing and including all extremes – a journey beyond duality. 

A journey to heal the pain and open up to beauty and pleasure. A journey towards restoring the sanctity of the body and the passion of the soul.

 The workshop will open us to see your body as a temple and you will be able to feel that you are an embodied sacred being.


This training focuses on learning, initiating, and practising deeply transforming tantric techniques and rituals that integrate sexual desires and brings sexual encounters closer to metaphysical dimensions, resulting in permanent transformation and improvement at the deepest levels of your body, mind, & spirit.

Many traditional spiritual paths do not accept sexuality as a mean of spiritual evolution, and therefore preach $exual continence. On the other hand, Western culture and the commercialization of $ex in the media lead to over-focusing on the goal, on “achieving” orgasms, pleasure and self-satisfaction. 


The Annual Tantra Training is an intense program of personal transformation with an emphasis on sexuality as a tool for greater spiritual evolution. This training is a truly ground-breaking experience that combines the study of tantric techniques and rituals with rational knowledge of the body, emotions and mind, sensitivity and mysticism.

On this one-year journey, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Tantra system, bioenergetics, and contemporary bodywork therapies, elements of shamanism; all in a way that can be applied to your daily life. The knowledge, experiences, emotional and mental changes that you will experience during this training will guide and support you in building an authentic tantric life. 


This training is an initiation into Tantra and the tantric way of seeing the world. Experiencing ourselves as an energetic being is an important part of this paradigm. This includes experiencing our sexual energy and energy of the heart and the spirit.

We will learn to really love ourselves, our body, our energy. We will be able to enjoy and appreciate ourselves, others and appreciate life more in general. 

Tantra is a path of healing from all ingrained patterns (energetic, mental) so that we can spread our wings and fly high!


We take care of the highest substantive and ethical standards of training, which is confirmed by the seals of trust organizations that care about the work ethic with the body and sexuality.


I HAVE TRAINED in one of the most reputable Tantra schools - The Paths of Transformation, with John Hawken as my teacher and mentor. After 8 years of training, I obtained the diploma of a practitioner and teacher of tantric massage, Dark Eros and teacher of Tantra.


As a board member of ASIS - the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists - I care about your safety and boundaries, adhering to the ethical principles of this organization. https://www.the-asis.org/


My standard of work is confirmed by the seal of approval of the German organization TrustedBodywork, which verifies its members in detail for compliance with their quality criteria . This includes legal regulations, as well as stringent basic training requirements.


It is for singles and couples, people ready to radically change their lives for the better, learning Tantra as a path of self-discovery and personal transformation. 

Experience in Tantra is not required, and people who already know Tantra will experience a whole new quality. This training is unique.

This training is a perfect preparation for further work with Tantra on the path of healing, holistic work with sexuality, or sex-coaching.


  • You will learn to see yourself as an energetic being with unlimited energetic potential. 
  • You will learn that there is only one energy – the life energy flowing through us that manifests itself in our lives on many levels
  • You will experience that you create your own reality, depending on what and how you direct your attention to
  • You will create your own model of relationship and sexuality based on truth and love
  • You will cleanse your physical, mental and emotional body
  • You will disarm the body from blockages and tensions
  • You will liberate your sensuality and sexuality
  • You will open up to abundance and life in the flow


  • You will heal old sexual habits, separate orgasm from ejaculation, which will open you up to experiencing multiple orgasms of the whole body
  • You will learn to have stronger, longer lasting erections and you will be able to make love for a longer time
  • You will feel your masculine power of presence, which will make you a better partner and lover
  • Working with sexual energy will make you feel more masculine, strong, confident with yourself and your sexuality


  • You will redefine your attitude towards sex – transform shame, guilt, taboo into a mystical force that will be channelled into your spiritual growth
  • You will experience long-lasting, multiple orgasms that will release the inner joy, happiness and love residing in your soul
  • You will discover your Power, learn to feel and communicate your feelings and emotions in a way that fully expresses deep female sexuality
  • Your femininity will bloom beautifully, you will feel an enhanced sense of beauty and sex appeal
  • Your body will develop a subtle energy that will add charm to your every move


  • Together, you will experience a beautiful journey into yourself
  • You will learn intimate communication 
  • You will get to know your sexual energy in a whole new way
  • You will experience powerful multiple orgasms together as you learn how to intensify your orgasmic bliss and thus enjoy states of ecstasy together
  • It will be an opportunity to heal relational wounds and conflicts with the tender and professional support of Freya and Piotr


  • how to get rid of old patterns of thinking, behaviour, reactions to what life brings
  • to react to life with greater spontaneity, lightness and creativity
  • to be free to choose who you are at any time
  • develop a sense of value based on integrity
  • to free yourself from all the “musts” and “shoulds” imposed on us by society, family and school
  • to express and act with heart and spirit
  • to have more courage, life energy and joy, through facing and integrating your fears and shadow instead of suppressing them
  • how to expand the pleasures of body, heart and soul


In the first module, we will discover and recreate your psycho-sexual development: directly and in a completely natural way. We will discover how to rediscover your original innocence, curiosity and excitement and how to live in stable, intimate relationships. 

Childhood experiences strongly influence our sexuality. We adopt attitudes, often unconsciously, from our parents. Our experiences as children influence our approach to love, sex and relationships. Sexual Grounding is the process of examining these attitudes, becoming aware of them, and choosing whether to maintain inherited attitudes or change them to be more compatible with the person we want to be. 

The goal will be not to delve into the problems and traumas we may have experienced in the past, but rather to experience a healthy, tantric model of childhood parenting.


We release many deeply rooted emotional, mental and spiritual blockages in the cells through bodywork and enable the free flow of energy, helping to release fear, anger, sadness, guilt, negative beliefs, self-criticism, and deep traumatic memories. By releasing emotions through the body, we increase the effectiveness of this work, and can immediately feel relief, lightness, self-love, self-confidence and joy.

"As I understood and accepted my darkness, light enveloped me."

Karol Dickens


Working with a shadow allows you to profoundly change your attitude towards life and improve your well-being. The key to unlocking your true power, deeply opening your heart to love, and finding the confidence to follow whatever we want in your life is hidden in the shadows. The goal is to see this power in the light of consciousness and explore its full potential while restoring the strength of our mind, body and spirit. 

You will learn how to:

  • Embrace your shadow with awareness
  • Gain access to resources, strengths and features that you did not know about
  • Dig into the deep patterns that lie at the root of your problems
  • Heal unwanted patterns of behaviour
  • Befriend your deepest emotions
  • Become more accepting of yourself and others
  • Unlock your true authentic power


Touch is an indispensable form of nourishing the body and life affirmation, and sensual massage is the best way of direct non-verbal communication. 

You will discover many types of tantric and healing massages. In order to fully give and receive tantric massage, one must enter it with full awareness.  Often times, a tantric massage is the first contact with energy and the energy body – opening and expanding the flow of sexual energy throughout the body.

"Working with a shadow is the path of a warrior."

Carol Gustaw Jung


You will learn deep massages that release sexual energy at the levels of the body, first and second chakra. The first two chakras are our gates to earth energy, sexuality, intimacy and creativity. They are most often blocked by routine, suppression, trauma, unconscious fears, and shame. Healed and relaxed, they provide the basis for pleasure and openness as well as abundance and improved quality of life.


You will unlearn to “achieve orgasms” and experience the pleasure of allowing them to happen. Giving yourself in to pleasure is an act of vulnerability, then you can experience the divine bliss of the ecstatic wave of valley and whole-body orgasms. 

You will learn Yoni and Lingam massage techniques for your enjoyment and for experiencing higher states of consciousness. 

Our emphasis is on relaxing and energizing to allow the pleasure to spread beyond the pelvic area and the diaphragm.


One of the most important steps to Tantra is the ability to use sexual arousal to experience energy. You will experience and learn how to expand and feel your physical body as an energy body. We will experience and learn ways to feel the flow of energy, to contract it and expand it. You will learn the techniques of deep energy orgasms and massage of the energy body, both inside and outside the physical body.

"I am not what happens to me, I am what I want to become. "

Carol Gustaw Jung


You will learn the Expanded Sexual Orgasm technique including balancing the positive and negative sexual poles to reach orgasmic plateaus and states of expanded consciousness. 

For women, we will explore yoni meditation and massage of the G-spot and erogenous zones inside yoni, both for pleasure and healing. 

For men, we will learn about lingam meditation and massage techniques, the ability to control ejaculation and methods to strengthen the potential for long lasting lovemaking.


Death plays a big role in traditional tantric meditations. Tantric sadhus exposed themselves to the reality of death, living among the burning cremation pyres, drinking from skulls to remember that our stay in the physical body is only temporary and that we are an energy body.  And the phenomenon that we really are – the flow of energy, will prevail and is more real. Entire day meditation on death serves the same purpose. In the face of death, with the awareness of our impermanence, what becomes really important?

What does carpe diem (seize the day) mean in practice?


Money is a sensitive subject for many of us, perhaps even more taboo than sex. It tells us about our first chakra, about the basis of our existence.

And money is energy. It can be a source of security, joy and freedom, or a source of pain and stress. Whether you have none or a lot, your beliefs and thoughts about money will shape the way you experience abundance, relationships, and energy. 

This game is not about the money, it is about you. We will consciously use the money mirror to learn more about ourselves, our relationship with energy, with others, and with existence.

"Emotions are the main source of becoming conscious. There cannot be darkness to light and apathy to movement without emotion. "

Carol Gustaw Jung


One of the great benefits mentioned by participants in previous editions is joining a new group of conscious people with open bodies and minds. 

You gain a second family of choice. Participants make friendships, meet for sessions and exchange practices and massages. We also have many new fulfilled and happy couples ❤️


After completing 200 hours of training, participants receive a Diploma of Participation. The certificate does NOT entitle you to conduct classes, but the Annual Tantra Training is a perfect preparation for further work with Tantra on the path of healing, holistic work with sexuality or sex-coaching.


The training consists of 4 modules. The group becomes a closed group from the second meeting to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and support. You must participate in all 4 modules to complete the training. Below are the main thematic blocks of the training. Each day is filled with exercises, meditations, tantric rituals, trance journeys, breathing practices.
  • Opening the Energy Body
  • Fundamentals of Bioenergetics
  • Sexual Grounding
  • Releasing patterns of behaviour in a relationship
  • Sexuality Development Stages
  • Releasing Constraints
  • Dialogues with Demons
  • Tantra – the path for relationships
  • Healing the shame
  • Healing the rosette
  • Tantric Theory of Orgasm
  • Self-pleasure
  • Money Game
  • Tantric Breath and Energy flow
  • Shamanic Ritual of Death
  • Sensual healing
  • Healing the Yoni
  • Healing the Lingam
  • Contracting and expanding
  • Receiving and expanding pleasure
  • Expanded whole-body orgasm
  • Honouring the God and the Goddess within you
  • Ritual of Honouring the Yoni and the Lingam
  • Riding the wave of Bliss
  • Tantric Ritual of Manifestation


Tantric Love Coach, trainer with over 18 years of experience, Certified Tantra and Tantric Massage teacher at The Paths of Transformation (TPOT) School, Certified OSHO Meditation Trainer, Certified Tantric Massage Therapist.
Freya is a lively, charismatic facilitator with a passion for development and transformation. Many years of training experience in an international corporation as well as educational and theatrical work at the Practical Theater gave her a thorough foundation for leading large groups, professional approach and ethical teaching. Like Tantra, Freya weaves her unique blend of life and training experiences, passion for acting and theater, working with the body and breathing, deep shamanic wisdom with the tantric art of transformation through the body. Her intuition, the ability to listen and respond to the needs of participants, sensitivity to their difficulties and traumas creates a unique space for exploring and deeply going into oneself. During her workshops, Freya listens carefully not only to the words, but also to empathize with the energy of individuals and the whole group. By using Bioenergetics, Process Psychology and work with the body, it accompanies the participants in difficulties, thresholds and revelations, supporting them in sadness and joy, and subtly leads them to discover their own truth. He always adjusts the workshop program to the individual and collective needs of the participants. Her strong personality, intuitive approach and charismatic voice make her trainings a truly unique experience.
Freya conducts transformational training, empowering participants in the areas of tantric sexuality and relationships with the goal of developing their full potential. Since 2017, he has been conducting annual Tantra, Tantric Massage and Dark Eros Intensive trainings at the John Hawken TPOT School. She also runs Tantra Workshops for Women and Shamanic Sacred Sexuality workshops. She is dedicated to working with the ancient medicine of cocoa, creating Ecstatic Cacao events, where she creates unique spaces for meditation and dancing to extraordinary music, which she mixes with artistry and passion during parties. Freya’s strong presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create a safe space for transformation and development.
Freya’s substantive preparation includes: certified Aspex and SAR courses at Sex Coach University (USA), Tantra Woman Training (SPAIN), Certified Tantra Massage Training, 2-year Certified Tantra Teacher Training with John Hawken, ISTA level 1 and 2 at the International School of Temple Arts, Healing and Disarming Sexuality Susan Rousgard, and other tantric trainings by David Deida, Andrew Barnes, Ananda Sarita, Bruce Lyon, Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Shakti Malan, Sally Kempton and others. She graduated in management from the University of Toronto in Canada, and also holds an MBA in human resource management from Kozminski University and a management coach certificate. In 2017, she completed a 2-year training in Process Oriented Psychology. In the “past life” regional manager of Learning Solutions in one of the largest international IT corporations.
Privately: fulfilled in life, love and work.


Piotr Reisch (Swami Prem Sunjay)
Piotr is a Life Coach, a mentor of leadership and creativity, a heart coherence coach at the HeartMath Institute, and a Tantra and Mindfulness trainer.
All his life, Piotr hovers on the edges, exploring the limits of human possibilities. In her practice, she draws from over 30 years of experience in leadership, self-development, meditation, neuroscience and onneness awareness. During the workshops, which she conducts with her partner Freya Wolna, she creates a unique atmosphere of humor and lightness, insightful insights, giving a strong shamanic holding of space.
For the last 30 years, Piotr has been balancing between business, film, sport and self-improvement. For over 20 years he worked as a journalist, publisher and president of international media companies. As a film producer and founder of Spinkafilm, he produces and creates absurd animated films in “hacking awareness”. Piotr combines his search with discovering the edges of human mental and spiritual possibilities, both group and individual. To this end, he created iMindinstitute.com, an organization that aims to support individuals and organizations in achieving peak performance through cutting-edge neurofeedback, biohacking and artificial intelligence technologies combined with coaching, tantra, body work and breath.
Peter’s spiritual development began in the late 1980s with autogenic training, transcendental meditation, and the Martial Arts. In the 90’s, during 10 years in the USA, he practiced African spiritual teachings and traditions of the BlackFeet Indians as a Sun Dancer. He completed 3 years of Tantra teacher training in Paths of Transformation (John Hawken International School of Tantra). He also studied Tantra with Andrew Barnes, Ohad Pele, Ananda Sarita, Elaine Young, ISTA training. During a workshop in India with MaAnanda Sarita, he obtained the title of Sanjasin Swami Prem Sunjay.


He is considered one of the most important tantra teachers.
He developed his own approach to tantra. It works with the sense of oneness we feel when we experience ourselves as physical and energetic beings. In his approach, tantra brings us back to a deep acceptance of our most original existence; it is based on integrating our light and our darkness, earth and sky, spirit and soul, thus finding our whole. John’s structured and intelligent approach to tantra gives us practical tools to transform our lives and the ability to follow our heart and soul path.
He studied theater directing at Cambridge, experimental theater with Grotowski at the Theater Laboratory, and later humanistic psychotherapy and bioenergetics, specializing in energy and body work. He studied Tantra with Margot Anand, where in 1992 he obtained a teaching license in SkyDancing Tantra. The author’s school of tantra, The Path of Transformation, created by him, includes his experiences including working with the body and energy, working with sexuality and other therapeutic methods, shamanic rituals and healing techniques. For over 30 years he has been conducting Tantra workshops for singles and couples in Germany, Great Britain and the Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain and Poland and many others. He specializes in working with couples to strengthen and deepen relationships and in a very established existential tantra that integrates light and dark, heaven and earth, spirit and body. It teaches both couples and singles how to find their power, how to enjoy life more, and the key to it all: how to open your heart. The author of the book on Tantra “Realizations” published in 2019, John Hawken was for 5 years a member of the shamanic lodge led by Arwyn Dreamwalk, where he studied the shamanic path of Twisted Hair, which weaves together Celtic and Indian tribal traditions. He specializes in creating shamanic earth rituals in sacred places such as stone circles in Magic Cornwall, Tantric pilgrimage temples to India, the place of Goddess and Maria Magedlena in Languedoc or places of power in Magic Bohemia. He is passionate about the ritual of shamanic healing circles, and currently runs shamanic lodges in Great Britain and the Czech Republic.