The Center of Transformation

The Tantra Center was born in a reconstructed mill near Blatná, in the magical landscape of southern Bohemia, full of blossoming meadows, deep forests, and shimmering ponds, approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Prague. This tranquil place, untouched by the frantic pace of civilization and away from tourist crowds, is perfect for undisturbed experiences of all tantric, shamanic, and bioenergetic activities, as well as for relaxation during times when classes are not in session.

On the center’s property, and in its immediate vicinity, there is a pond where you can enjoy a pleasant swim or a romantic boat trip. Just below its dam, next to a stream, you will find a shamanic stone circle, which will transport you, as if by the wave of a magic wand, to the atmosphere of John’s native and sacred Cornwall.

Above the Tantra Center, there is a hill with remnants of an ancient castle and groups of stones – reminiscent of the atmosphere of Czech Celtic sacred places. It’s an ideal destination for a relaxing walk and meditation during the course, perhaps during the lunch break.

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