Oddechowo – Meditation and Development Center close to Warsaw

With convenient transportation options providing direct access to the workshop center and surrounded by nature.

Nature in Oddechowo soothes the senses and brings relief, reduces stress, and restores inner peace. The greenery of trees, the scent of pine forests, the singing of birds, and the proximity of the charming Liwiec River naturally calm the soul. The pure, shallow, swiftly flowing river is perfect for safe bathing and kayaking trips. Contact with nature provides deep relaxation and regeneration. It becomes a source of inspiration, opens up new perspectives, and strengthens mental health and a sense of balance.

A village in the SLOW style in the heart of a pine forest. Dive into here and now.

“Oddechowo” offers us wooden cabins made from natural, ecological materials. Wood, as an excellent thermal insulator, maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

At your disposal are cottages designed for 4 or 5 people. They feature 2 or 3 bedrooms, each equipped with a kitchenette, dining area, living room with a fireplace, and a spacious bathroom with a shower.

All 4 modules of the Year-Long Professional Tantric Massage Training 2024-2025 will be conducted at the Oddechowo Center

We will spend most of the time in the newly build workshop hall (160 m2) and among nature or SPA during breaks.

Healthy and nutritious vegan meals are served by the kitchen, which delights the taste buds and supports the mind and body on the path to well-being. All dishes are prepared with the utmost care from fresh local ingredients, with the addition of herbs and spices grown in the garden. Attention is paid to the quality of ingredients, their nutritional value, and unique flavor. Oddechowo center is renowned for its freshly baked rye-spelt bread, made with an 18-year-old sourdough, which guests delight in.

To reserve accommodation, please contact the organizer:
💌 kontakt@tantrabyfreya.com

Type of acommodationcost per nightexample for 1 training
Accommodation with 3 vegan meals per day
in 2 or 3-person room
300 PLN / night6 days x 300 PLN
= 1800 PLN
around 65-80 euroaround 390–480 euro
Accommodation with 3 vegan meals per day
in single room
350 PLN / night6 days x 350 PLN
= 2100 PLN
* prices may slightly change in 2025
* payment by cash in PLN during the first day of workshop
* our group will be offered additionally eggs for each breakfast