SACRED BODY PASSIONATE SPIRIT YearLong Tantra Training – Prepayment

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SACRED BODY PASSIONATE SPIRIT YearLong Tantra Training – Prepayment


Inviting you to embark on an adventure that will change your life radically: not only your sex life and the quality of your relationships, but that will fundamentally create a new paradigm through which you view the world. It will give you a new sense of self, in which you are a flow of energy and a point of consciousness. Through directing your consciousness, the awareness through which you perceive reality both within and around you, with choice rather than out of habit, you will learn to create or co-create your reality.



Inviting you to embark on an adventure that will change your life radically: not only your sex life and the quality of your relationships, but that will fundamentally create a new paradigm through which you view the world. It will give you a new sense of self, in which you are a flow of energy and a point of consciousness. Through directing your consciousness, the awareness through which you perceive reality both within and around you, with choice rather than out of habit, you will learn to create or co-create your reality.

This training is a journey into tantric approach to life and  tantric sexuality. A journey to liberate consciousness from self-consciousness, to release aliveness from the prison of shame guilt and fear. A journey which empowers you in following the authority of your own heart and your inner guidance.  A journey between the worlds of earth and heaven, of body and spirit, of energy and consciousness which shows you your potential for expansion to embrace and include all polarities – a journey beyond duality. A journey to realize your body as your temple and that you are an incarnated  sacred being. A journey to heal pain and open yourself to beauty and pleasure. A journey to restore the sacred to the body and passion to the spirit.

During this course you will learn to perceive yourself as an energy being, that has an unlimited energy potential. You will learn that there is only one energy – the energy of our aliveness flowing through us that manifests in our lives on many levels – in our sexuality, our creativity, our ability to love and relate. You will experience that you create your own reality by how and what you place your awareness… your consciousness.

You will learn to really love yourself, your body, your energy. You will be able to much more enjoy and appreciate yourself, others and life generally. Tantra is a path of healing ourselves from all patterns (energetic, mental) that keep us small…So that we can spread our wings and fly…

What will you learn?

  • to let go of old patterns of thought, of behaviour, of reactions to what life brings,
  • to respond to life with more spontaneity, lightness and creativity.
  • How to be in choice of who you are in each moment, developing a sense of continuity based on integrity.
  • You will become freer of the shoulds and oughts of society and your conditioning, as your impulses and expressions come more and more from your heart and your spirit.
  • How to develop more courage, aliveness and joy in your being, by not repressing but by facing and integrating your fears and your shadow.
  • How to create your own healthy model of relating based on your own truth, and love
  • How to heal your physical, mental and emotional bodies
  • How to dearmour your body and your sexuality
  • How to hounour the sacredness of yourself, your sex and your beloved

For whom is the training for ?

We are inviting singles and couples, ready to radical change your life for the better. If you are seriously interested in tantra as a path of self-discovery and personal transformation this training is for you.

No tantric experience is necessary. People who already know Tantra, this may be totally new experience.

The training consists of 4 blocks (6 days-long meetings Mon evening – Sun afternoon). The group becomes a closed group from the second meeting on so that atmosphere of mutual trust and support is created. To graduate from the training you must do all 4 blocks.


So, at this moment of threshold take stock of the journey of your life. What has brought you to this moment to this place? Why have you chosen to read this? What is your hope for this year, what do you wish to transform, to develop?

This year may be the greatest gift you can give yourself.

You can now decide whether your life will be as usual… or whether you are going to take control of your own fate.

You can’t afford to wait for the world to get back to normal. The life you wish for – purpose, passion and success – is here waiting for you to take action and use it, and if you don’t… stay in the old paradigm.


Almost everyone in the world does one of two things … Some are trying to cope and survive … others are boldly moving towards a change that will allow them to live in Freedom, Truth and Power.

What is your choice?

Sacred Body Passionate Spirit is one of John Hawken’s most popular workshops for years, for the first time in Poland, authorized by The Paths of Transformation, run by Freya Wolna.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know Tantra, the oldest art of living in Freedom and Power, and create the life you want, even when external circumstances try to stop you.

Get ready to welcome the NEW into your life. John Hawken and Freya Wolna’s workshops change lives. Are you ready there to experience it for yourself?

The Program Highlights

Below we are giving you the main topics covered during the training. Each day is filled with exercises, meditations, movement, shamanic trances, breathing and tantric rituals.

Module 1: The Basic of Tantric living

  • The Energy Body,
  • Bioenergetic introduction
  • Sexual Grounding
  • Stages of Sexuality development


Module 2: overcoming limitations and opening to life’s Pleasures

  • Demons , the demon dialogue
  • Self Pleasuring
  • Tantra and the path of relationship
  • Healing Shame
  • Rosetta healing
  • Tantric Orgasm theory


Module 3: Sexual Healing and opening to flow of abundance

  • Money game
  • Tantric Breathing and the Flow of Energy
  • The Death Ritual
  • Sexual healing
  • Yoni Healing
  • Vajra healing



 Contraction expansion

  • Receiving and Expanding Plesure
  • Extended Sexual Orgasm
  • Yoni Honouring Ritual
  • Riding the Wave of bliss
  • Tantric Manifestation Ritual


Dates, prices, location:

“Sacred Body Passionate Spirit” One-year Tantric certified workshop consists of four modules:

1) First Module – Intensive workshop

Supplement I module of the SACRED BODY PASSIONATE SPIRIT Year Long Tantra Training workshop.


DATE: 11-13.11.2022

Location: Warszawa

ADRESS : to be confirmed, bed and breakfast on one`s own

2) Second Module:


DATE: 5-11.12.2022

Location:  Jaworowy Dom,

ADRESS: Jawor 12A,  56-330 Cieszków


2) Third Module :


DATE: 27.03-02.04.2023

Location: Jaworowy Dom,

ADRESS: Jawor 12A,  56-330 Cieszków


3) Fourth Module:


DATE: 12-18.06.2023

Location: Jaworowy Dom,

ADRESS: Jawor 12A,  56-330 Cieszków


Accommodation: Mariola at the email address

Accommodation and meals IS ADDITIONALLY PAID !!!

Room and meals 3 vegetarian meals 230 PLN/ from / day/ person.



 Important information: When you decide to take the course, you decide on the entire 4-module training. If you want to withdraw from the contract, i.e. cancel the course, you can do by 11/10/2022.
After this date, there is no cancellation.



Freya Wolna

Tantric Love&Se✕ Coach, Certified T⍶ntra teacher and a professional trainer with over 18 years of experience, Certified Lead facilitator in the Paths Of Transformation T⍶ntra School (TPOT) , Certified Facilitator of OSHO meditations, certified professional T⍶ntra Massage Therapist.
Freya is a vibrant, charismatic facilitator with passion for life
and transformation. She has a strong presence and can hold and empower large training groups.
Freya is waving her unique blend of coaching and training experiences, passion for acting and facilitating. She listens attentively not only to words, but also to the energy of the group and individuals. She sincerely meets the participants in their highs and lows, holding them in pain and guiding them to discovering their truth, joy and light. She always accommodates the training program to the individual and collective needs of the participants. Her powerful presence, intuitive approach, as well as charismatic and immersive voice make her trainings a truly unique experience. Freya facilitates transformational trainings, empowering participants in areas of T⍶ntric se✕uality; relationships, aiming at developing their full potential.
Since 2017 she has been teaching at the TPOT School of John Hawken, starting with Year Long Professional
T⍶ntra Massage Trainings, later Year Long T⍶ntra training and Dark Eros Intensive. She has been also facilitating T⍶ntra Women Workshops, and Shamanic sacred Se✕uality workshops.
She is devoted to work with the medicine of Cacao, creating Ecstatic Cacao Ceremonies where she creates unique spaces for healing through shamanic meditations, DJ-ing breath and body movement. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth.
Freya’s training background include: Aspex and SAR certified courses at Se✕ Coach University (USA), T⍶ntra Woman Training (SPAIN), Certified T⍶ntra Massage Teacher, Certified Tantra Teacher Training with John Hawken, Level 1 and 2 at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Se✕uality Healing and Disarmouring by Susan Rousgard, and other T⍶ntric training courses by David Deida, Andrew Barnes, Ananda Sarita, Bruce Lyon, Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Shakti Malan, Sally Kempton and others.
She graduated in management from the University of Toronto in Canada and also holds an MBA in human resource management at the Kozminski University. In 2017, she completed a 2-year training in Process-Oriented Psychology.
In “previous life” international coach and manager at a large multinational IT corporation.

Freya considers herself passionate and fulfilled in life, love and work.

Piotr Reisch -Trener

Life Coach. T⍶ntra & Mindfulness Trainer, Leadership and Creativity Mentor.
He has dedicated his life to discovering possibilities of human mind and body.
In his practice he draws from over 30 years of experience in leadership, meditation, neuroscience, trauma therapy and unity consciousness. Co-founder of GAIA foundation and – an organization exploring the edges of consciousness aiming at helping individuals and organizations in achieving peak performance – through the state-of-the-art neurofeedback and Peak State Technologies combined with Coaching, Tantra, Bodywork and Breathwork.
Piotr’s spiritual path started in the late 80’s with autogenic training, transcendental meditation and Marshal Arts. In 90’s, during his 10 years in the US, he practiced African spiritual teachings and native American traditions, participating in Blackfeet tribe ceremonies as the SunDancer. Currently he facilitates tantric workshops with his partner Freya Wolna, as the faculty of the Paths Transformations International school of Tantra.

John Hawken  – supervision

John Hawken has been a tantra teacher in Europe for more than 20 years. After being trained by the recognised tantric teacher Margo Anand, he created his own approach to tantra. He works with the oneness we feel when we experience ourselves as beings of physical as well as energy bodies. In his approach, tantra brings us back to a deep acceptance of our most original existence; it is based on integrating our light as well as our darkness, earth and heaven, spirit and soul and thus finding our wholeness.

John´s structured and intelligent approach to tantra gives us practical tools to transform our lives, and an opportunity to follow the voice of our heart and the path into our soul.


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