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Original price was: 14 700,00 zł.Current price is: 10 700,00 zł.

The first professional long-year tantric massage training and bodywork accredited by international organizations.
Limited number of spots available!


*Price does not include accommodation and meals at the workshop center.
More details in the location tab




MODULE 1 (7 days)

26.08 – 01.09.2024

MODULE 2 (6 days)

05 – 10.11.2024

MODULE 3 (7 days)

27.01 – 02.02.2025

MODULE 4  (7 days)

28.04 – 04.05.2025

To meet your needs and expectations, we have prepared a payment plan in four installments. Base price: 4 240 EUR (payable in four installments of 1060 EUR each)


This workshop is intended for individuals who wish to achieve greater connection with their bodies through tantric massages, open their bodies to energy, heal any non-acceptance of their bodies or negative feelings such as fear or shame, and learn deep relaxation techniques to allow their natural energy to flow, enabling any physical, energetic, and emotional issues that arise in this process to be released or healed.


  • We welcome all people interested in becoming a high-class professional, a specialist in Tantric Bodywork and massage,

  • Massage professionals who wish to add Tantric Bodywork to their repertoire;

  • Practitioners of Tantric Massage, Dakias and Dakinis who want to expand their repertoire of professional bodywork practices and techniques.

  • Couples who want to learn new ways of relating based on healthy approach to body, sexuality, healing emotional wounds and  learn conscious Tantric practicies in order to open up to bliss and ecstasy beyond imagination.

  • Anyone interested in transformational work, healing old body and sexuality wounding to open up to ecstatic experiences.

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Tantric massage is more than sensuality and relaxation. It is deep and transformative work. The most important aspect is the attitude of the masseur: respect, honoring; the ability to work with energy and awareness to touch the spirit through the body. We create an experience where the client’s body is a temple of the spirit, a discovery and worship of God in every man and goddess in every woman. We are a manifestation of the spirit on earth in a physical body experiencing ourselves through the energetic body. Tantric Massage initiates the physical body by awakening it to the energetic body, restoring us to our nature as divine beings, beings of energy, fire, and light. This initiation is the true purpose of our sexual energy, the desire to connect with something greater and more beautiful than our ego.

  • Relaxation
    Healing the past/therapeutic massage
  • Energy flow and balance
  • Sensuality
  • Arousal
  • Liberation
  • Entering altered states of consciousness
  • Comfort and safety of the receiver

  • Resourcing modalities

  • Trauma Informed practicies

  • Boundaries and creating clear contracts for receiver and practitioner alike

  • Communicating a clear intent

  • Creating a Sacred Space

  • The presence, awareness and consciousness of the masseur

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication during the session

  • Décor

  • Use of ritual

  • When to use oil


Surface and deep tissue touch, stroking,
pinching, scratching, percussion, fingertips, knuckles, elbows, breath, hair,
touching with the quality of innocence, touch to sensitize the body


silk, fur, feathers, leather, herbs, milk, hot
oil, hot and cold compresses and stones, aromas and essential oils


exit massage, energy cleansing and
de-stressing, using the breath to receive, relaxing into the energy, non-doing,
coming out of the mind into the body, dropping expectations, needs, desires,
and being in the moment with what is


Following the ideas of both Wilhelm Reich and traditional tantric teachings about kundalini, before releasing s#xual excitement and power, we open the body to allow the channels of the body to allow the life energy to expand. A pleasurable healing massage gently removes tensions that block this flow and make us afraid of our own energy, power and pleasure. Opening the channels of the spine, we begin with Reichian massage of the spine to experience the muscles of the spine as channels for energy flow rather than as the place where we hold back from life. We bring the spine back into alignment by softening the tense muscles that break it up into isolated segments. Then the kundalini massage enables us to open up the energy channels in the spine, ida, pingala and sushumna, creating a balance between left and right, masculine and feminine energies in the body, and inviting the streamings of life energy to flow through the spine. Opening the meridians energizes the whole body and prepares it for a balanced and pleasurable flow of fire and water. The experience of energy flowing through our physical body enables us to realize that we are more than just a physical being: we are a point of consciousness becoming aware of itself as art of the life flow of the universe.
This awareness of our connectedness to life and energy is the alchemy of
ecstasy – standing outside ourselves.

  • Emotional Release Tools

  • Resourcing Tools

  • Eagle’s wings Energetic Massage

  • Unveiling the God/Goddes practice

  • Body imprints massage

  • Strokes for grounding the body

  • Bioenergetics massages

  • Deep tissue massage and useful elements of biodynamic massage

  • Discovering erotic potential – opening the body to the flow of life Energy

  • Reichian spinal massage,

  • Reichian Pelvis Liberation massage

  • Kundalini drumming

  • Bio-release massage

  • Spinal drumming

  • Streaming Practice

  • Kundalini Shaking

  • The art of Non-doing



In this Module we use deep massage to release
the s#xual energy that is held by habit and unconscious fear or shame in the
form of tension in the muscles of the pelvis and thighs, especially the pelvic
floor muscle. But first we use chest, arm and diaphragm massage to open the
heart to accept and love our excitement, and cranial and neck massage to reduce the resistance of our minds and moral judgments and enable us to be simply aware of our excitement and pleasure without judging or analyzing it.


  • Elements of Indian and native American headmassage
  • Jade gate massage
  • Reichian neck massage
  • Taoist heart opening sequence
  • Roseta, Yoni and Vagra healing
  • Awakening the Sacred Body
  • Opening the segments
  • Dolphin Wave


Rosetta Healing

We continue the deep pelvic work with a
healing massage for the perineum, the first chakra, and for the pelvic floor
muscle around the anus, together with the two sphincter muscles. For men, this
enables us to massage the prostate both indirectly via the perineum (external
prostate point) and directly through the anus. Tension in the first chakra
creates a base of fear and struggle, which when healed and relaxed becomes a
base of pleasure and openness, bringing more flexibility to the character. The
anus has many pleasure nerves, and it can be reclaimed as an important source
of erotic energy.

Yoni and Lingam (Vajra)

The next step is a healing massage of yoni
(the vagina) and of the vajra or lingam (penis). The massage is done with the
intent of healing, that is to make contact with whatever is there as energy in
the s#xual organ. This cannot happen when there is an expectation of arousal.
Any pain, insensitivity or negative experiences from the past can be released
so that the genitals become open for a deep, relaxed excitement.


  • Opening and connecting s#x, heart, and spirit
  • Elements of Indian and native American head massage
  • Jade gate massage
  • Reichian neck massage
  • Taoist heart opening sequence
  • Deep pelvic massage
  • Awakening the sacred body
  • Opening the segments and dolphin wave
  • Joint release and splitting the body
  • Yoni healing
  • Vajra healing
  • Rosetta healing


We will teach techniques from different traditions for the massage of yoni and vajra for pleasure and excitement. The emphasis is on the relaxation into the energy to allow the pleasure to expand beyond the pelvis and through the diaphragm to allow the s.exual energy to expand into the heart and then through the jade gate into the brain. We will also teach the expanded s#xual o.rgasm technique of balancing the plus and minus poles of s#xuality to achieve plateau o.rgasm and an extended state of expanded consciousness. For women we will explore not only G-spot massage but also other erogenous zones inside yoni and the science of yoni reflexology, both for pleasure and for healing. For men, we explore techniques for being in choice with their ejaculation and how the masseuse can guide and influence the path of non-ejaculation. We will also teach the typology of vajra and yoni in both quodoushka and Hindu traditions, and the theme of female ejaculation.


The next step is to teach the receiver how to expand the energy from the whole body into the energy body. This is the most important step into Tantra proper, using the s#xual excitement to access the experience of the energy body. We will explore how to teach the energy movement of contraction and expansion including the technique of the big draw, and massages of the energy body both within and beyond the physical body. We will also teach four-handed massage, both to encourage surrender and a complete letting go, as well as for harmonizing and balancing the energy body.


  • Extended s#xual o.rgasm

  • Big draw Shivaistic erotic massage

  • Taoistic Erotic Massage

  • Yoni and vajra reflexology

  • Chakra merging

  • Chakra wave

  • S#xual breathing

  • Erogenous zones massage

  • Chakra oil massage

  • Male-female breath

  • Heart wave

  • Heart pleasuring

  • Blended stimulation

  • Eagles wings energy massage

  • Unveiling the God/Goddess

  • Yab yum massage

  • Yin yang touch

  • Magic wand massage


We will learn and practice a programme of massages that take you into a full experience of the tantric energy. This programme offers a variety of massage experiences moving into different levels and creates a series of initiations deeper and deeper into the essence of Tantra, an understanding of sacred s#x and of the energy body. The receiver is encouraged to be less and less the passive recipient of a massage and more and more an active participant through breathing techniques and energy body movements.

  • Earth: expanding genital pleasure into whole body pleasure, moving from stimulation to sensitivity
  • Fire: from physical body pleasure to energy body pleasure
  • Air: breathing to fan the fire and open the heart
  • Water: letting go
  • Spirit: the body as your temple
  • Sacred s#x: entering the ecstatic dreamtime

In addition, this module will cover how to set up a Tantra massage practice, code of ethics, promotion, legal matters, dealing with customers, finances, personal safety and boundaries, hygiene, insurance and other relevant themes.


  • Yab Yum massage
  • Yin yang touch
  • Erogenous zones massage
  • Chakra oil massage
  • Big draw Shivaistic erotic massage
  • Splitting the Body
  • 4 hand massage
  • Opening the Senses Tantric Practice
  • Dragon / Angel’s Wings
  • White Fire Red Fire
  • Contraction Expansion

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FAQ - if you have other question, don't hesitate to ask - write to as:

Yes, this course is suitable for beginners. Tantric training is a unique initiation into the world of Tantra, as the masseur allows the recipient to have a direct experience of the tantric approach and way of perceiving the world. During Tantric sessions, we emphasize experiencing oneself. Everyone is a being full of energy. This includes not only our sexual energy but also the energy of the heart and spirit. We invite you to embark on a wonderful journey into yourself through tantric massage and explore these essential aspects of existence.

The Year-Long Professional Tantric Massage Training consists of Four Modules. By deciding to take the course, you are committing to the entire 4-module training. If you need to withdraw during the course, continuation will be possible with the next year’s intake.*Absolwenci Rocznego Kursu Masażu Tantrycznego mają możliwość “powtórki” wybranego/wybranych modułów ze zniżką -50%

ACCOMMODATION + MEALS during each module are additionally payable on-site during registration, i.e., on the first day of the workshop. Details regarding the workshop center and accommodation fees can be found in the “Location” section.

The entire course will take place at the beautiful, newly renovated meditation center “Oddechowo,” located an hour’s drive from Warsaw (details in the “Location” tab). Participation in the course includes accommodation at the center, i.e., overnight stay in a selected cottage/room, meals provided by the center, and participation in workshops in the workshop hall. During free time between sessions, there will be an opportunity to relax amidst the nature surrounding the center and in the SPA available at Oddechowo.

Yes! When organizing the training, we ensure that the group consists of an equal number of women and men, which is necessary to learn practically all types of massages. Individuals in pairs can join the course and practice only with each other. After several days of shared classes and being with the group under the care of the instructors and the entire supporting team, you will meet new people with whom you will feel comfortable. When practical exercises in pairs begin, our team will conduct a “lottery” that will be repeated for all exercises. There will also be morning meditations and evening introductory games introducing the basics of tantra and touch, where you can voluntarily pair up.

At all workshops, your safety and comfort are paramount, which is why we always prioritize consensual consent and discuss and maintain boundaries.

At all workshops, your safety and comfort are paramount, which is why we always prioritize consensual consent and discuss and maintain boundaries.

The course is intended for individuals over 18 years of age. There is no upper age limit – people of all ages choose to invest in themselves, their development, their relationships, their careers, and join the course. The most popular age group is between 30 and 50 years old, but you will also find peers under 30 and over 50 years old.

If you have any doubts about whether your health condition/medications or past experiences/events in life/traumas such as sexual ones may limit your participation – write to us to talk to Freya (this can be done anonymously) and you will find out whether this is the right place or if, for example, an individual session is recommended first:

If you have any doubts about whether your health condition/medications or past experiences/events in life/traumas such as sexual ones may limit your participation, please write to us to talk to Freya (this can be done anonymously), and you will find out whether this is the right place or if, for example, an individual session is recommended first.

You will receive the certificate of completion of the Year-Long Professional Tantric Massage Course at the end of the 4th module.

To obtain the Professional Tantric Massage Practitioner Certificate, you must participate in the Supervision process under the guidance of Freya.

Upon completing the training, you will possess practical skills to conduct tantric massage sessions.

As a graduate of this training, you will join the alumni community, where community meetings, “massage exchanges” among practitioners, and support from fellow professionals are organized.

The support and engagement of the group of fellow participants in the training is one of the key benefits of the Year-long Tantric Massage Training. Participation in such a group, sharing acquired skills, and learning from each other are invaluable support in a masseur’s work.

The next step may be obtaining the Professional Tantric Massage Practitioner Certificate and running your own practice as a masseur – for this purpose, you will be invited to the Certification process consisting of 10 Supervisions ending with an exam in a massage chosen by the trainer. You will receive tools and coaching support in running your own business from a technical, legal, and marketing standpoint.

You will also have the opportunity to join the group of massage therapists recommended by Freya, who present themselves and receive clients at the biggest festivals in Poland, such as Wibracje Festival, Dreamersland, Serpiente, Poland Tantra Festival.

Unfortunately, the phrase “Tantric massage” has been adopted in many circles to sell erotic and sexual services. It has nothing to do with Tantra. This training has been created in response to such an approach, so that people seeking Tantra and Tantric massage could find professional, ethical and conscious Bdyworkers and therapists.  Tantra is the ancient art of opening to the potential of energy and consciousness, supporting one’s pursuit of freedom and spiritual development by expanding the awareness of the body and mind. 

Bodily pleasure, orgasm, and ecstasy are part of the journey, not the goal. The more we feel, the more open we are, the more the pleasure extends to the wider aspects of our existence. Orgasm is a peak experience engulfing our entire body. It can last for hours, it opens us to divine and spiritual ecstasy. During the Yearlong Professional Tantric Bodywork and massage  Training you will learn a true Tantric approach based on ancient teachings and scriptures, many years of experience of John Hawken and Freya Wolna, drawing on the modern bodywork therapies, bioenergetics, fascia work, recent discoveries of neuroscience and trauma therapy.

“Massage is something you can start to learn, but never finish. It goes on and on; and the experience gets deeper and deeper, higher and higher. Massage is one of the subtlest arts. During the massage – just massage. Don’t think about other things because that’s distracting. Be present in your fingers and hands as if your whole being, your whole soul, is there. Don’t let it be just a touch of the body. Your whole soul enters the body of another, penetrates it, relaxes the deepest complexes.”


Agni- Ref
Freya is great tantric teacher who can build deep and safe atmosphere during her workshops and massage sessions. She opened my eyes to Tantra and during her workshop I’ve met my beloved partner for lifepastedGraphic.pngI’m very grateful to have met her on my path. Thank you, dear Freya, and all the best! Yours, Agni
Agnieszka PG
Since I started to be interested in Tantra and tantric massages, I searched the Internet, I read a lot of information about people conducting workshops, meetings, trainings … At one point, I found a workshop led by Freya and stopped looking any further. I signed up for a workshop led by Freya and I met a person who is a great trainer and guide in the secrets of Tantra. There is no match for Freya in Poland; in addition, several people who help her in organizing the workshops are very carefully selected, which translates to a very professional approach to training and clients. Thank you, Freya, for conducting trainings, webinars and live meetings in this very difficult situation
Agnieszka Pg.
Alina Pietrzak
A unique workshop. A large dose of knowledge, I got to know myself and my partner closer. During the workshop, I felt safe and cared for. Great love and gratitude.
Paweł Nowakiewicz
A wonderful workshop I took part in. 90 minutes of amazing moments. Freya helps to let go to become aware of not only the emotions we like, but also those we call unpleasant; she helps to break through not only in love for ourselves and the world, but also in setting boundaries, assertiveness and self-confidence. A deep, well-thought-out workshop, freeing, giving joy, allowing a fresh look at oneself, relationships and the world. Thank you
Paweł N.
ou got to hear this! I had the amazing opportunity to have an individual training session with Freya. It was PURE PLEASURE. Her attentiveness, ease of delivery, knowledge combined with experience, confidence, calmness, ability to motivate, openness to questions, to student’s doubts – all this was of the highest class, conducted very professionally, and at the same time, without unnecessary superiority. So far, for about 10 years of my tantric-massage path, I had a lot of different teachers, so I think I can evaluate my experiences well in this matter.I found the training program (the 1st module of the annual massage training) extremely interesting (despite my already considerable knowledge and experience); it’s coherent and gives me the feeling that the presented knowledge was gathered not only from the field of tantric massages, but Tantra as understood much more broadly.I am looking forward for the rest of the course with great anticipation!
Yes, this and many other workshops led by Freya Wolna are changing my consciousness, body and I freed myself from many things I no longer need, that do not serve me. I found a new tribe that I love with all my heart. I’m glad to be among these wonderful people and I highly recommend it. Aho
Kamila B
Freya is a beautiful soul, woman and teacher. She shares her knowledge in a unique way. She is open, she inspires confidence. She is a woman in flow, radiating a nice warm energy that gives a sense of security. During the workshops, she knows when to let go and when to turn up the heat. She moves very well in this space. I hope to meet her many more times!
Kamila B.
Freya has a gift. Thanks to her experience, knowledge and a beautiful, warm and joyful heart, you can trust her fully, relax deeply, experience the wonderful bliss of being, and meet yourself again. Freya’s attentive, respectful and sanctified touch draws from various methods, covers the entire spectrum – from strong, point pressure, through a smooth Lomi Lomi massage, to the softest touch, which wonderfully revives and soothes the body and soul. Thanks to Freya, you can feel like a fully living divine being – or rather rediscover that you have always been one. I highly recommend seeing Freya.
Katarzyna N
I made the decision about the first massage because I wanted to get to know my sexuality better. I had a lot of concerns about the session. They quickly disappeared as I felt Freya’s respect for me (my body, my boundaries, needs, emotions, difficulties, my wisdom and my resources). I’ve seen her several times. Before each massage, I listened to myself looking for my needs, and I told her about them. Of course, there were times that other things came up. I was learning to recognize and communicate them. Sensations of touch drew my attention to the body, which gradually relaxed. I started a journey through various areas of myself (not only physical) learning to accepting them. It is difficult to plan out this journey, but I could always make an informed decision as to whether I wanted to go further at any given moment. Regardless of what it was, I tried to accept each part of myself that showed up and to be aware of its existence. I believe that Freya’s massage was one of the factors in my positive life change. I highly recommend it. Uważam, że masaże u Freyi były jednym z czynników moich pozytywnych zmian w życiu Polecam.
Katarzyna N.
Norbert Parkasiewicz
I recommend a year-long tantric massage training with Freya. It is not only learning massage techniques, but also beautiful ceremonies, meditation and interesting people. It is an adventure into yourself with a large dose of emotions.
Barbara B
A year of tantric massage training is something much more than techniques. During this course I learned not only to massage but most of all I got instructions on how to use my own body, my limits and needs. me gentleness and wisdom. Thank you for being able to assist you and learn from you. I love you.
Barbara B.

To meet your needs and expectations, we have prepared a payment plan in four installments. Base price: 4 240 EUR (payable in four installments of 1060 EUR each)

With convenient transportation options providing direct access to the workshop center and surrounded by nature.

Nature in Oddechowo soothes the senses and brings relief, reduces stress, and restores inner peace. The greenery of trees, the scent of pine forests, the singing of birds, and the proximity of the charming Liwiec River naturally calm the soul. The pure, shallow, swiftly flowing river is perfect for safe bathing and kayaking trips. Contact with nature provides deep relaxation and regeneration. It becomes a source of inspiration, opens up new perspectives, and strengthens mental health and a sense of balance.

A village in the SLOW style in the heart of a pine forest. Dive into here and now.

"Oddechowo" offers us wooden cabins made from natural, ecological materials. Wood, as an excellent thermal insulator, maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

At your disposal are cottages designed for 4 or 5 people. They feature 2 or 3 bedrooms, each equipped with a kitchenette, dining area, living room with a fireplace, and a spacious bathroom with a shower.

All 4 modules of the Year-Long Professional Tantric Massage Training 2024-2025 will be conducted at the Oddechowo Center

We will spend most of the time in the newly build workshop hall (160 m2) and among nature or SPA during breaks.

Healthy and nutritious vegan meals are served by the kitchen, which delights the taste buds and supports the mind and body on the path to well-being. All dishes are prepared with the utmost care from fresh local ingredients, with the addition of herbs and spices grown in the garden. Attention is paid to the quality of ingredients, their nutritional value, and unique flavor. Oddechowo center is renowned for its freshly baked rye-spelt bread, made with an 18-year-old sourdough, which guests delight in.

To reserve accommodation, please contact the organizer:

Type of acommodationcost per nightexample for 1 training
Accommodation with 3 vegan meals per day
in 2 or 3-person room
300 PLN / night6 days x 300 PLN
= 1800 PLN
around 65-80 euroaround 390–480 euro
Accommodation with 3 vegan meals per day
in single room
350 PLN / night6 days x 350 PLN
= 2100 PLN
* prices may slightly change in 2025
* payment by cash in PLN during the first day of workshop
* our group will be offered additionally eggs for each breakfast

Freya Wolna

Tantric Love&Se✕ Coach, Certified T⍶ntra teacher and a professional trainer with over 20 years of experience, Certified Lead facilitator in the Paths Of Transformation T⍶ntra School (TPOT) , Certified Facilitator of OSHO meditations, certified professional T⍶ntra Massage Therapist.
Freya is a vibrant, charismatic facilitator with passion for life and transformation. She has a strong presence and can hold and empower large training groups.
Freya is waving her unique blend of coaching and training experiences, passion for acting and facilitating. She listens attentively not only to words, but also to the energy of the group and individuals. She sincerely meets the participants in their highs and lows, holding them in pain and guiding them to discovering their truth, joy and light. She always accommodates the training program to the individual and collective needs of the participants. Her powerful presence, intuitive approach, as well as charismatic and immersive voice make her trainings a truly unique experience. Freya facilitates transformational trainings, empowering participants in areas of T⍶ntric se✕uality; relationships, aiming at developing their full potential.
Since 2017 she has been teaching at the TPOT School of John Hawken, starting with Year Long Professional T⍶ntra Massage Trainings, later Year Long T⍶ntra training and Dark Eros Intensive. She has been also facilitating T⍶ntra Women Workshops, and Shamanic sacred Se✕uality workshops.
She is devoted to work with the medicine of Cacao, creating Ecstatic Cacao Ceremonies where she creates unique spaces for healing through shamanic meditations, DJ-ing breath and body movement. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth.
Freya’s training background include: Aspex and SAR certified courses at Se✕ Coach University (USA), T⍶ntra Woman Training (SPAIN), Certified T⍶ntra Massage Teacher, Certified Tantra Teacher Training with John Hawken, Level 1 and 2 at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), Se✕uality Healing and Disarmouring by Susan Rousgard, and other T⍶ntric training courses by David Deida, Andrew Barnes, Ananda Sarita, Bruce Lyon, Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Shakti Malan, Sally Kempton and others.
She graduated in management from the University of Toronto in Canada and also holds an MBA in human resource management at the Kozminski University. In 2017, she completed a 2-year training in Process-Oriented Psychology.
In “previous life” international coach and manager at a large multinational IT corporation.
Freya considers herself passionate and fulfilled in life, love and work.


Piotr Reisch

Life Coach. T⍶ntra & Mindfulness Trainer, Leadership and Creativity Mentor.
He has dedicated his life to discovering possibilities of human mind and body.
In his practice he draws from over 30 years of experience in leadership, meditation, neuroscience, trauma therapy and unity consciousness. Co-founder of GAIA foundation and – an organization exploring the edges of consciousness aiming at helping individuals and organizations in achieving peak performance – through the state-of-the-art neurofeedback and Peak State Technologies combined with Coaching, Tantra, Bodywork and Breathwork.
Piotr’s spiritual path started in the late 80’s with autogenic training, transcendental meditation and Marshal Arts. In 90’s, during his 10 years in the US, he practiced African spiritual teachings and native American traditions, participating in Blackfeet tribe ceremonies as the SunDancer. Currently he facilitates tantric workshops with his partner Freya Wolna, as the faculty of the Paths Transformations International school of Tantra.

John Hawken - Supervisor

John Hawken has been a tantra teacher in Europe for more than 30 years. After being trained by the recognised tantric teacher Margo Anand, he created his own approach to tantra. He works with the oneness we feel when we experience ourselves as beings of physical as well as energy bodies. In his approach, tantra brings us back to a deep acceptance of our most original existence; it is based on integrating our light as well as our darkness, earth and heaven, spirit and soul and thus finding our wholeness.
John´s structured and intelligent approach to tantra gives us practical tools to transform our lives, and an opportunity to follow the voice of our heart and the path into our soul. John received his master degree of Theater directing at Cambridge, studied experimental theatre with Grotowski at the Theatre Laboratory, and taught drama before training as a humanistic psychotherapist specializing in energy and bodywork, with a private practice in Germany for ten years.
He trained with Margot Anand as a licensed teacher of SkyDancing Tantra, has taught tantra full time for 20 years, founding SkyDancing UK in 1992, and has taught over 30 year-long singles and couples trainings in Germany, UK and the Czech Republic. He specialises in working with couples on strengthening and deepening their relationship, and in very grounded existential tantra which integrates the light and the dark, the heaven and the earth, the spirit and the body. He teaches both couples and singles how to find one´s power, how to take more pleasure out of life and the key for all of this: how to open one´s heart. John is one of the most experienced teachers of tantric energy work in Europe.
John Hawken was for 5 years a member of the the shamanic lodge led by Arwyn Dreamwalker, where he studied the twisted hair shamanic path, which weaves together Celtic and Native American tribal traditions. He specialises in creating shamanic earth rituals in sacred sites such as stone circles as in Magical Cornwall, Tantric temples on his India pilgrimage, Goddess sites on his Mary Magedlene pilgrimage or power places in Magical Bohemia. He has a passion for the ritual of shamanic healing circles and currently runs shamanic lodges in both the UK and Czech republic.